Flow Vert Panels & Other

Flow vert panels are a cost-effective solution for many process applications. Stainless steel flow vert panels are particularly durable and commonly used in a number of the industries we serve, including beverage and soft drinks, food and dairy, brewery, pharmaceuticals, and chemical products. Used in conjunction with stainless steel tanks stainless steel flow panels offer the best solution in terms of health and hygiene for processing.

Sanitation in any kind of processing plant is paramount, which is why stainless steel is the favored material for flow panels. Quite simply, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, impervious to biological contamination, and will prevent anything from tainting the ingredients being processed.

The stainless steel flow vert panels we stock generally come with one to four-inch tri-clamp ports and matching tri-clamp fittings. Some fittings have butterfly valves. Similarly, some are frame mounted while other panels are freestanding.

Since we stock used panels, rather than newly manufactured ones, they have previously been used in specific industries. If you find panels used in the same industry you operate in, they will probably be ideal. However, some panels and fittings may be adapted for other similar industries, depending on your processing and packaging needs.

In addition to stainless steel flow panels we have other components that are used with the panels and the tanks they link to. And of course, we also sell a wide range of stainless steel tanks for processing food, drink, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Used Flow Vert Panels from SMB Machinery

While many companies opt for custom engineered flow vert panels, we specialize in quality used processing and packaging equipment, enabling you to cut down on costs.

Our inventory changes all the time so keep checking to see what we have. You are also welcome to contact us for more information and advice.