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Soft drinks are big business, but the fact is demand is slumping worldwide, and has been for more than a decade. That said, decline in demand is in fact really tiny, reaching not much more than three percent, and research shows that big brands like Coca Cola and Dr Pepper Snapper have actually increased their market share.

Apart from sugar content, one of the main reasons for the decline in market demand for soft drinks in general has been the use of artificial sweeteners that have been shown to have health implications. To counter this, the major soft drink producers have launched campaigns that have successfully increased sales for other reasons, including the size of bottles and cans, which are now generally smaller.

While the growth of the juice industry is a constant challenge to the soft drinks industry, research also indicates that young consumers are responsible for the increase in demand for carbonated soft drinks. This probably has a lot to do with reformulated brands launched by many of the major players, including several of our customers.

The American Beverage Association pledged in 2014 that it would do all it could to get members of the Association to cut calories in their products by 2025. Steps companies have taken include downsizing cans and bottles, launching sodas that are inspired by nostalgia, and by obtaining external symbols of approval, including proof that sodas are non-GMO.

The impact on the soft drinks industry as a whole clearly is that it needs to add quality and value.

How to be The Best in the Soft Drinks Industry

Manufacturing soft drinks entails detailed processes and specialized equipment. In general, the process involves infusing a number of ingredients including various essences and sugar with water. Carbon dioxide might also be used to carbonate the drinks, or make them fizzy. Final products must also be filled into whatever packaging has been chosen, including plastic or glass bottles, or plastic-coated paper cartons.

In addition to keeping in tune with trends in the industry, it is vital to use the best equipment available to your business that will ensure you can produce products that are free from contamination and consistent in quality. There is no acceptable margin for error. In a nutshell, you need equipment that is reliable, safe, easy to use, and affordable.

Manufacturing Equipment Needed in the Soft Drinks Industry

SMB Machinery has a wide selection of used soft drink processing and packaging equipment available for every step of the production process including:

  • Bottle preparation equipment that will ensure that products are free from any form of contamination.
  • Mixing tanks and equipment to ensure every possible quality control standard is met.
  • Filling equipment that minimizes labor by automatically filling empty containers. Automatic capping systems may also be required.
  • Conveyor systems, including pulleys and gears, to complete the production process so it can be packaged for shipping.
  • Replacement parts.

We also offer technical support and field repair services that will ensure your manufacturing processes remain safe and efficient.

Contact us to see how we can help you with the best possible equipment for your production line.

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