Plant Dismantling Services and Rigging Services

Business growth often requires getting rid of older equipment in favor of new hardware that better meets the increased need for faster, higher capacity. It can also mean that the smaller plant the business started in is now insufficient for future needs, and it’s time to move to a bigger location with the size to match the growth potential. At SMB Machinery, we are at the forefront of large scale business relocations and have been helping companies complete every step of the process for more than 20 years. Two key components of any successful plant relocation are plant dismantling and equipment rigging.

Industrial Plant Dismantling Services from SMB

Dismantling plant infrastructure is not as simple as taking something apart and putting it in boxes or the trash. Plant dismantling may be required for moving equipment to a new location, or to remove older equipment entirely.

Safety & Efficiency in Dismantling

Safety and efficiency are paramount when dismantling complex industrial equipment. SMB helps you disassemble plant equipment with an expert team and proven experience to ensure the equipment remains in good condition. Our process follows strict safety standards and our experience ensures your equipment is dismantled in the most efficient way possible.  

Asset Recovery

In some instances, you’ll be getting rid of some plant infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean everything is a waste. Some key components and parts can be recovered for other purposes. Our experienced dismantling team can determine which assets are recoverable and which are redundancies.

Auction, Removal & Liquidation

At SMB, we can help you minimize waste and help recoup old investments. If the equipment is no longer required, there are efficient ways to get rid of it. While basic removal and liquidation can be handled, in some cases, investments can be recovered through auction.

Industrial Plant Rigging Services from SMB

In cases where dismantling equipment into smaller pieces for transport isn’t feasible, it may be necessary to move the unit as a whole. SMB has extensive experience moving equipment that can weigh up to several tons, and our expert plant rigging services ensure your equipment is loaded for transport safely.

Professional rigging is a highly specialized process whereby a framework of struts and supports is built in place with the express purpose of shouldering the burden for lifting large equipment, and moving it onto a transport, such as a truck. This may be required for different purposes, such as:


When you no longer need equipment, it can still require considerable effort to remove in an efficient, safe manner. This is especially true if you need the equipment intact for sale or auction to recover some of your costs. Whether you need the equipment moved due to downsizing or growth, our team can help you get it from one place to the next in great condition.


Moving equipment to a new facility means that you want to preserve the condition of this equipment, and minimize the amount of downtime you have to resume operations. This requires rigging to be constructed both at the old facility and at the new facility to ensure the safe movement of equipment promptly. It’s the best way to avoid the massive time sink of complete disassembly and reassembly. Our SMB team will take control at both locations, so you can rest easy knowing your equipment is in good hands.

Installation & Integration

SMB can help you through the entire process of new plant installation and integration. Rigging is sometimes required to remove the old and/or bring in the new. When new equipment comes online at your facility, you may need to safely remove the existing equipment, and then ensure the newer replacement units are quickly brought in, placed, and quickly integrated with the rest of your infrastructure to get you back up to speed. Rigging is the fastest way to ensure that this kind of removal and installation takes place smoothly and efficiently.

Protect Your Investment

Facility infrastructure is often designed to do just one thing, and easy removal is not part of that mandate. If you’re dismantling a plant or moving equipment, every scenario will be a different one based on the size of equipment, placement in a facility, and whether you are liquidating, moving or installing.

Contact SMB Machinery today, and we can look at your goals and plans, and come up with the custom rigging or dismantling solution that will meet your needs and keep your downtime to a minimum so you can get back in business quickly.


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