Used Chemical Processing and Packaging Equipment

The chemical industry as a whole is huge and central to our modern world economy. Companies participating in the chemical industry convert basic raw materials and chemicals, including air, water, natural gas, oil, minerals and metals into tens of thousands of products, including many consumer products and items that form important sub-industries.

Figures released in 2015 show that the top 10 chemical companies worldwide had combined revenue of US$400.5 billion. BASF, Germany topped the list with revenue of US$89.9 billion, with the US Dow Chemicals was second with US$58.2 billion.

These companies and others, including some of our top customers, process millions of tons of chemicals every year, including:

  • Sulfuric acid, that is used in some cleaning agents (including some non-soapy detergents), in fertilizer manufacturing, mineral processing, and is considered to be central to the chemical industry. It is also used in the manufacture of some drugs.
  • Nitrogen, that has many uses, including for energy stores, for making ammonia (see below) for use in fertilizers, as well as in gas form for preservation of packaged and some bulk foods. Liquid nitrogen is used as a refrigerant and for rapid freezing of certain foods.
  • Ethylene, an energy intensive chemical that is widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • Oxygen, the earth’s most abundant chemical element, that has an astonishing number of industrial uses including oxy-fuel welding and cutting, as well as some portable medical applications including life support. It is also used in the manufacture of steel.
  • Lime, which is widely used in the building industry.
  • Ammonia, a colorless gas that is a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, and used as a solvent in degreasing agents. It is also a very important ingredient of fertilizers.
  • Propylene or propene, which is produced from fossil fuels including petroleum, natural gas, and to a lesser extent, also coal. It is used primarily in the petrochemical industry. It is also used for oxy-fuel welding and cutting, for brazing and for heating metal to bend it. Plastic polypropylene is and important material in the packaging industry.

Used Equipment for the Chemical Industry

Many chemicals are potentially hazardous and must be treated correctly and with care. For this reason it is vital that the correct equipment is chosen for every process.

Suitable used equipment bought and sold by SMB Sales is very varied and includes:

  • Heat exchangers, evaporators, dryers, humidity and temperature control units for heat transfer.
  • Stills, towers, columns and reactors for distillation.
  • Filters and centrifuges for mass separation.
  • Mixers, fluid beds and blenders for mixing and agitating.

You will find many of these process equipment items in our inventory, as well as used packaging equipment that is ideal for loading and packaging of manufactured products.

Our existing customers include multi-billion dollar public corporations and global companies that produce consumer goods including cleaning agents, personal care products, sanitation and food safety products, as well as pest control solutions. Services offered by them include the protection of water, undoubtedly the world’s most precious resource, and hygiene and energy technologies that aim to keep our personal environments clean and healthy. Some have strong green initiatives in the chemical manufacturing industry.

What can SMB Sales do help you with your Chemical Processing and Packaging Equipment? Contact us to find out.

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