Tanks (Stainless Steel)

Due to it’s corrosion resistant nature, Stainless steel is often the only choice for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and most chemical processing, transport and storage.  These anti corrosive properties make it tolerant to cleansers and keep food and other products safe from being tainted with metallic compounds.  On top of that, the smooth, hard, non absorbent surfaces of stainless steel resist accumulation of biological materials and are easier to keep hygienic.  SMB has a large selection of used stainless steel tanks, silos, kettles, mixers and more that came directly out of the same operations that you may be running.  – We are here for all of your used packaging and process equipment needs.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing, questions, services or equipment offers.

ID item model#
Stainless steel 350 gallon agitated tank, measures          49” diameter x 43” straight side, flat top with          slight cone bottom, 2-1/2” center bottom outlet          with split pipe discharge and automatic 3-way         …