Used Pharmaceutical Processing and Packaging Equipment

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, distributes and markets drugs and various other medications. It’s an immense industry that currently boasts worldwide revenue that is close to a trillion US dollars. While North America generates nearly half of this revenue, the Chinese pharmaceutical market has been growing more rapidly than any other in recent years. Nevertheless, the leading pharmaceutical companies are still based in the US and in Europe.

SMB Sales boasts pharmaceutical-industry customers that rank among the global giants, including the German Boehringer Ingelheim, and British GlaxoSmithKline that is currently ranked as the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

Used Pharmaceutical Equipment for Processing

In line with the size of the pharmaceutical industry, the variables of pharmaceutical equipment are enormous. End-to-end options include machines that charge, mix, blend, mill, granulate, and coat products, as well as capsule fillers and tablet presses, totes and bins.

Sterilization is vital for pharmaceutical manufacturing, and there are various different types of sterilizers including those that operate at a constantly high pressure. Other types include pure steam generators, and those that use hydrogen peroxide vapor generators.

Freeze dryers are also an important part of many production lines, and these are available in a wide range of different sizes from three square feet to more than 24 square feet. There are also various aseptic fill and finish machines available for syringes, ampules, vials, and more.

Capsule processing machines range from single-station machines that are perfect for clinical trials, special production runs and small batch outputs, to semi-automatic machines that can handle hundreds of capsules in every cycle.

Tablet processing machines are also varied, especially since tablets can be created in just about any shape. The two basic methods used to form tablets involve either dry or wet granulation, though some can be compressed using direct compression. Once tablets have been formed, some brands are coated with a film coating or sugar to hide the taste and/or protect them from humidity and temperature changes.

Equipment for Packaging Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical and medical packaging equipment is also vast and varied in terms of application, ranging from blister and single-dose packs to packages of tablets, solutions and everything else in between.

SMB has a selection of used processing and packaging equipment available. Contact us to let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to supply your needs.

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