Used Stainless Steel Product Storage Tanks

Because stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t absorb biological materials or bacteria, it is particularly well suited for storage of just about any product, liquid or dry. For this reason, stainless steel storage tanks are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, and every type of food and beverage industry including brewery, dairy, juice, soft drinks, and water. They are also used for a wide range of other consumer products like confectionary and chocolate.

Product Storage Tanks From SMB

Shapes and configurations of product storage tanks vary, and because we stock previously used tanks, you will find that our inventory often includes custom fabricated stainless steel product storage tanks as well as standard designs. Most are manufactured from 316 or 304 stainless steel and are cylindrical, but some are square or rectangular in shape.

Tanks are often on three or four legs, and sometimes incorporate a pump with clamps and other components.

SMB Sales stocks used stainless steel product storage tanks from many different manufacturers. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Item ID Model#
150 Gallon Stainless Steel Storage Tank with Unibloc PD Pump.
ID: 17329 model#:
100 Gallon 3 leg Balance Tank.  Tank Dims- approx 45" Diameter X 19" Straightwall. 12" manhole, 3" top threaded intake, 1-3/4" threaded intake, 2" top clamped intake, 4" threaded drain.
ID: 17218 model#:
150 Gallon Stainless Steel Buffer Tank- 
ID: 17217 model#:
100 Gallon Balance Tank.  Tank Dims- approx 45" Diameter X 19" Straightwall.
ID: 17216 model#:
500 gal with a 6'X6' SS frame.  Two 3" Tri-Clamp sight glass', three 2" out Tri-Clamp outlets, one 4" 90 degree Tri-Clamp outlet, one 4" Tri-Clamp top inlet, one 4"…
ID: 17163 model#:
250 gallon tank on stainless steel frame.  
ID: 17162 model#:
Approx 50 Gallon SS Storage Tank.  Open Top with No Lid.  Tank is sitting on Frame with Casters.  Tank Dims- 23" Diameter X 33" Straight Wall.  Outlet- 2" Tri Clamp. …
ID: 17104 model#:
Stainless steel mix tank with center discharge dish bottom. Includes split top lid. Tank dims are, 4'W X 4'L with an overall dia. of 5' and height of 65". 1-1/2"…
ID: 17097 model#:
Approx 100 Gallon SS Storage Tank.  Open Top with Lid.  3 Mild Steel Legs.  Tank Dims- 26" Diameter X 49" Straight wall.  Outlet- 1 1/2" Eyeline Clamp Style.  Overall Dims-…
ID: 17095 model#:
San I Tank 450 Gallon SS Storage Tank.  Open Top No lid.  6 Mild Steel Legs.  Tank Dims- 47" Diameter X 65" Straightwall.  Outlet- 1 1/2" Tri Clamp.  Overall Dims-…
ID: 17092 model#: