Stainless Steel Agitated Mixing Tanks

Agitating mixing tanks, or agitators that are fitted into tanks, offer a flexible solution for mixing beverages and juices, beers, dairy products, liquid pharmaceutical, and nutriceutical products, as well as chemicals and many other consumer products, some of which are dry. Various types of tanks may be used including those that are jacketed, non-jacketed, insulated and those that have a critical inbuilt washing ability known as cleaning-in-place (CIP). Generally, stainless steel is the best material because it doesn’t corrode or become contaminated.

Get Used Agitated Mixing Tanks at SMB Machinery

There are as many different types and designs of stainless steel mixing tanks used with agitators as there are manufacturers of the equipment. Agitated mixing tanks and agitators we offer for sale come from varied sources, and manufacturers include Chem-Tek, Cherry Burrell, Crepaco, Feldmeier, Perma-San, Potter Rayfield, Sani-Tank, and Walker. Our inventory changes all the time, so we suggest you visit our web site often to check on new acquisitions. We will do all we can to assist your needs.

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