Used Mix Processors

Mix processors are used extensively in the food and beverage industry, particularly the soft drink, craft beer, and dairy industries. They are also used for mixing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, and various other consumer products. While there are many different types that utilize a variety of processes, the general aim of industrial mix processors is to combine and blend different materials that might be liquid, solid, gas, or a combination of these elements until they form a homogenous whole.

Some of the systems incorporated in mix processors enable deaeration of water required to produce top quality beverages, proportioning of ingredients, and controlled cooling or heating, as well as chilling of beverages during manufacture. Generally, mix processors either work using a batch mixing process or one that is continuous.


Item ID Model#
ID: 17593 model#:
Includes Alfa-Laval MK15-BWFD ammonia to product chiller. Allen-Bradley compact logic L43 processor. 3M Liqui-cel membrane cartridges for deaeration 
ID: 17491 model#:
Includes Alfa-Laval MK15-BWFD plate and frame ammonia to product chiller.  Allen-Bradley compact logix L43 PLC. 3M Liqui-cel membrane cartridges for deaeration 
ID: 17490 model#:
Microblend Deaerator.  Last Running on 1600 cpm 12 oz can line with a flow rate of up to 9,000 gallons per hour.  
ID: 17551 model#:
ID: 17493 model#:
Stainless steel tubular base construction.  Allen-Bradly controls including SLC 5/04 PLC.
ID: 16821 model#: 56-Q-56
Water and syrup tanks' specs: 100 psi at 200 deg F MAWP, sh: .105, hd: .135, serial: 10243FM, year: 1987 and construction: 304SS. Includes a 15 hp Triflo centrifugal pump…
ID: 15237 model#: QS0
72 plate carbo-cooler with "Q" flo-mix mounted on original Mojonnier stainless steel tubular base. Gravity ammonia controls. Flo-mix mounted on end of unit. Unit is 6' wide (8'-6" overall including…
ID: 9909 model#: Q72 SRP
Stainless steel unit with stainless steel base.  Previously used on a 300 bpm single serve bottle line.  Includes flo-mix.  Includes Mojonnier 22 and 36 plate cooling plates. 
ID: 17315 model#: 348F-22-F-36
System rated up to 7200 gallons/hour depending upon product conditions. Equipped with a Mojonnier level controller and a Robertshaw level controller. Includes a 120"straightwall x 18"diameter ammonia surge drum. 230…
ID: 14301 model#: 36Q56 SR4PAG
H&K Model H2O BL Twin Tank Water Blender, Updated Allen Bradley Controls, including Control Logix 5581E PLC and Panelview Plus 12'' DIsplay, S/N: 00244, Additional Info: Includes Twin Approximately 60…
ID: 17144 model#: H2O BL.
Mojonnier Carbo Cooler Plates from Q56
ID: 17023 model#: Q56
Twin plate carbo-cooler with injector ammonia controls and mild steel formed base.  System is capable of flowrates up to approxmately 7,000 gallons per hour depending upon local conditions.
ID: 15392 model#: 48M56SR3

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