Shrink Wrappers & Bundlers

Shrink wrappers and bundlers are used in a wide range of industries from construction to food and beverage and they can handle an extensive variety of different types of products. We stock a wide range of these machines that are designed to handle different-sized bundles to achieve different outputs and speeds.

We cater to customers who want to shrink wrap packages for retail as well as those who want a more functional bundled package. Some are on trays or corrugated pads. But they may also be wrapped in film only, typically with open bulls-eyes on the ends.
Used Shrink Wrappers & Bundlers from SMB Machinery
SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of high-quality, pre-owned shrink wrappers and bundlers reputable brand names like ARPAC, PMI Kyoto, Kayat, Kisters, and Shanklin. We currently offer single and dual lane machines, models that operate at either medium or high speeds and both fully automated and semi-automatic machines.

When you purchase a pre-owner shrink wrapper or bundler from SMB Machinery, you will be making an economical, dependable investment.

Registered Film 75 cycle padloader bundler with heat tunnel.  Registered film capability.  Allen-Bradley controls with MicroLogix PLC and Powerflex VFDs.  242 FLA @ 480V/60hz/3ph.
ID: 17158 model#: TSP5 SDI
Manual shrink wrapper with seal bar and misc case conveyor.  30 inch seal bar
ID: 16928 model#: SS-32DS
Twin lane high speed bundler with right hand controls and film loading.  Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 HMI.  8 lane infeed currently creating twin lanes of 8, 6 and 4-pack bundles…
ID: 16534 model#: SP 080V
Clear film only. 28" wide sealbar. Capable up to 60 trays/minute depending upon size and applications. Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC. Shrink wrapper's electrical - 460V 3ph 60Hz 16.5FLA. Heat tunnel…
ID: 15121 model#: 60-28
Single frame welded construction ensuring smooth transition between conveyors. Top and bottom film cradles accommodating a total of four 14" diameter rolls of film. Tool-less film supply roll core chucks. Power…
ID: 15026 model#: 108-20
50 cycle twin lane machine used most recently to wrap dual lane 6 packs of 0.5L and 1.0L unsupported bundles. Mandrel shaft diameter: 2-15/16". Two zones heat tunnel. Electrical: 460V/3ph/60Hz.…
ID: 15025 model#: TA-502B
Left hand tray shrinkwrapper with speed up to 30 trays/minute depending on package specifications and applications. Package size range: up to 16" width, 13" length and 10" height. 28" wide…
ID: 14777 model#: 105 28 TW
Continuous motion tray shrinkwrapper with maximum speed up to 25 trays/minute depending on applications. 24" wide seal bar. Right to left product flow configuration. Allen-Bradley SLC 5/01 CPU, (7)Allen-Bradley 160…
ID: 14590 model#: CSI-25S
2-15/16" diameter mandrel shaft. Film core inside diameter must be 3-1/16". Tunnel has 2 independent heat zones. Each zone has it's own temperature controller, heating elements and blower. G&L PIC90…
ID: 12722 model#: 601T