Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink wrap equipment is used by diverse industries from food and beverage, personal and household care, to the construction industry that uses it to package just about everything from bricks and tiles to doors and windows. We stock many different types of machines to meet very varied needs.

Used Shrink Wrap Equipment from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of high-quality, pre-owned shrink wrap equipment. Our current inventory includes heat/shrink tunnels that are mounted around or over conveyor systems, horizontal flow wrappers that form, fill, seal, and discharge bags in a single operation, L-bar sealers designed for centerfold shrink wrapping, and a variety of shrink wrappers and bundlers.

The equipment we offer is efficient, reliable, and economically priced. It comprises well-known, reputable brand names including ARPAC, Eastey, Kayat, KHS, Kisters, PMI, Shanklin, and Traco. Whatever your shrink wrap equipment needs, when you buy pre-owned shrink wrap equipment from SMB Machinery, you will be assured of making a good, reliable investment.

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