Used Labelers - Labeling Equipment

All packaging requires some sort of labeling and there are many different types of labeling equipment available to meet the needs of varied industries and operations.

We stock a variety of used labelers including:

  • Cold glue labelers
  • Hot glue labelers
  • Pressure sensitive labelers


Item ID Model#
Servo controlled, mandrel style high speed sleeve labeler with 7.5ft steam shrink tunnel last running 16oz empty cans.Includes the single file conveyor and worm screw infeed as pictured.Speeds up to…
ID: 17692 model#: Lanzara
ID: 17709 model#: 4450
3ft long electric heat tunnel for sleeve and neck band applicaitons.Designed to go over existing conveyor.  Adjustable height with threaded rod and crank.  220V/3p/30A
ID: 17694 model#: HT-1
Front and back labeler with 4 1/2" wide conveyor
ID: 17689 model#: 680SLE
Includes 72" long shrink tunnel. Previously used to sleeve 12oz empty aluminum cans. 
ID: 17621 model#:
ID: 17642 model#: ECO WRAP
The PACK LEADER USA PRO-615 One Side Labeler applies pressure sensitive labels on a wide range of filled or unfilled containers. The PRO-615 is stepper driven and can deliver speeds…
ID: 17690 model#: Pro 615
Speed: 40m/min- Wrap station for cylinder / packer bottles- SmartDate / Markem-Imaje x40 date stamp- LWH: 112" x 72" x 56.3", approx. 750 lbs- 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 Phase…
ID: 17564 model#: PL625W
ID: 17647 model#: 110S RH REV 3 E 01
ID: 17568 model#: RH030
Linker Dual Head Sleever and Electric Heat Tunnel.  Eversleeve Enterprise Co. EL-3200 Sleeve Machine with BSS-1538B Electric Heat Tunnel.  Tneel Size 100 X 150 X 380 MM.  Mitbushi Controls.
ID: 17609 model#: EL-3200 Sleeve Machine
Full wrap pressure sensitive labeler
ID: 17468 model#: Concept
ID Technology Pressure Sensitive Labeler
ID: 17390 model#: ZKDU
Allen Bradley ControlLogix with Kinetix 6000 Servo controls.  PanelviewPlus 6000 HMI. Nordson ALTABlue 10 Glue System, Rated up to 600 BPM,Previously running 2L soft drinks at 220 bottles per minute.Container…
ID: 17282 model#: Marathon XLA
Parallel infeed & discharge.  Originally set for 8 oz to 1.5L bottles. 3-3/4" pitch. Includes various sets of change parts.
ID: 17172 model#: Canmatic 32
Rotary cold glue labeler capable of a front body label running up to 40-50 bpm.
ID: 16895 model#: 4TS2E2
The Marathon labeler is capable of up to 50 to 650 cpm depending on the bottle size.  Can run plastic, metal, glass and fiberboard.  Label types are paper, polypropylene and…
ID: 16771 model#: Marathon XL
Designed to apply PVC, PETG and OPS sleeves at speeds up to 300 bpm. Capable of sleeving bottles from 1 1/2" to 5" diameter.
ID: 16760 model#: R300TSER
Labeler was rebuilt in 2011 and rewired with PLC controller instead of electro-mechanical relays. Capable of speeds of 250+ BPM. Rebuilding consisted of changing all bearings and bushings in the…
ID: 16623 model#: Universal
Roll feed labeler with infeed timing screw and Fife registration control.  Currently set for 26oz bottle with a 3.5" High x 10.69" long label.
ID: 15438 model#: 4500
200 cpm sleever applies full sleeve and label and has RT-LT machine direction. Previously used on 1.9 oz pet containers and applied band of 66+1/-0 mm flat width, 2 mil…
ID: 15159 model#: 90-ER
ID: 17615 model#: R300TSER
ID: 17240 model#:
Aesus Systems Used Eco Wrap Pressure Sensitive Labeler.  Labeler was last running Round Pharmaceutical Bottles. Eco Wrap labeler utilizes the same powerful Servo label applicator as our higher end models in…
ID: 17566 model#: ECO Wrap
ID: 17503 model#:
Front and back pressure sensitive labeler.  Previously running rectangular bottles.
ID: 17396 model#: Premier
Parallel infeed & discharge.  AB Control Logix 5561 PLC.  Clockwise rotation. Infeed/discharge elevation: 46-1/2". Runs series 2250 K330 (3.30"wide) flat top belt. 5" pitch. Stainless steel electrical enclosure is mounted…
ID: 14936 model#: Contiroll HS-720-18
ID Technology Model 250 Pallet Labeler with Zebra 110PAX4 Print Engine S#04J112200034
ID: 17296 model#: 250

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