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A lot of Krones conveyor, 3-1/4" belt including five parallel transfers, eleven 90 degree curves Sections-Two-72", One-144", One-96", One-36", One-40", One-44", One-48", One-78", One-80"
ID: 17464 model#:
Krones Pack off Table
ID: 17432 model#:
Krones Packoff Table
ID: 17431 model#:
Parallel infeed & discharge.  Originally set for 8 oz to 1.5L bottles. 3-3/4" pitch. Includes various sets of change parts.
ID: 17172 model#: Canmatic 32
•Parallel Configuration U infeed and outfeed•Bottle orientation by vision system•Motorized bottle plates, by servo motor•Cutting system blades with servo motor•Motorized reels, by servo motor•Autosplicer•All label trasfers done by vacuum  Machine rated…
ID: 16845 model#: Contiroll 960-24
Labeler was rebuilt in 2011 and rewired with PLC controller instead of electro-mechanical relays. Capable of speeds of 250+ BPM. Rebuilding consisted of changing all bearings and bushings in the…
ID: 16623 model#: Universal
20 Station Stainless Steel Cut & Stack Labeler, Plexiglas Enclosure, Robatech Hot Melt Glue Applicator, 2 Door Stainless Steel Control Cabinet with Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 Controls.  Has secondary pressure sensitive label applicator downstream from glue label.Large pitch (~7.5") machine previously running 2L and 3L non-round PET bottles.
ID: 15296 model#: Canmatic 20 Station
Parallel infeed & discharge.  AB Control Logix 5561 PLC.  Clockwise rotation. Infeed/discharge elevation: 46-1/2". Runs series 2250 K330 (3.30"wide) flat top belt. 5" pitch. Stainless steel electrical enclosure is mounted…
ID: 14936 model#: Contiroll HS-720-18