Used Pressure Sensitive Labelers

Products and packaging invariably need some kind of labeling. There are various different types of labeling equipment that are widely used for packaging. Industrial pressure-sensitive labelers are a popular choice in many industries because they can handle self-sticking labels with minimal waste and maximum efficiency. Companies use pressure-sensitive labels because they have an adhesive backing that sticks to most surfaces.

Their usefulness is vast and varied. This label type is used for every possibility from basic barcodes to eye-catching product labels with branding. They are created in a wide variety of forms and shapes too.

Item ID Model#
ID: 17396 model#: Premier
ID Technology Model 250 Pallet Labeler with Zebra 110PAX4 Print Engine S#04J112200034
ID: 17296 model#: 250
24 station labeler set for front, back and neck.  Most recently running 7oz glass round bottles with ~2-3/8" diameter. stations pitch - ~5" center to center.  Counterclockwise rotation.   22 amp current…
ID: 17173 model#: Autocol
32 station pressure sensitive labeler with (3) aggregates for front, rear and neck labeling.   Star Wheel Infeed & Discharge, Carbon Steel Frame, Stainless Steel Exterior Panels, Arm Mounted Allen Bradley…
ID: 15437 model#: Top Adhesive 1280
ID Technology Pressure Sensitive Labeler
ID: 17390 model#: ZKDU