Ammonia Compressors

At SMB we offer a variety of ammonia compressors and equipment for refrigeration, primarily Emerson’s Vilter compressors for industrial refrigeration and gas compression.

The Vilter brand is tried and trusted and has been around for more than 150 years. The company produces twin screw, mini screw, and single screw machines. The single screw type are rotary, positive displacement machines and these are the most reliable. They also have the lowest life-cycle costs.

A recent case study released by Vilter showed how a leading Canadian company in the pharmaceutical and food sector expanded its cold storage distribution warehouse, installed a dual temperature, low-charge ammonia refrigeration system, and increased its efficiency by 15%. A single screw system, it was designed for 20 years service that would not need costly maintenance.

Other brands we stock include MYCOM manufactured by Mayekawa, a company that has been in the refrigeration industry for more than 80 years.

Ammonia Compressors From SMB Machinery

Examples of Vilter ammonia equipment we carry include four, six, eight, and 12-cylinder compressors. More specifically:

  • 12 cylinder 200 hp compressors
  • 8 cylinder 100 hp compressors with oil separators and electrical starter panels
  • 8 cylinder 150 hp compressor with a Lincoln motor
  • 6 cylinder 100 hp compressor with an electrical starter panel
  • 6 cylinder 75 hp compressors with electrical starter panels and oil separators
  • 75 hp motor for a Vilter ammonia compressor with an oil separator
  • 4 cylinder 60 hp compressors with oil separators
  • 50 hp compressors

Some are mounted on channel frames. Oil separators are often standard with ammonia compressors because the refrigerant is immiscible with oil. If there isn’t an oil separator, oil particles end up in the evaporator and reduce the efficiency of the heat transfer process from the refrigerant. An oil separator will remove the oil and return it to the crankcase of the compressor.

If you spot something that might suit your needs, explore our inventory for more information. If we don’t have what you want we will do what we can to source suitable ammonia equipment for you.

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