Used Refrigeration Equipment

Industrial refrigeration is used in many industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, brewing, dairy, and even construction and electricity production industries. Industrial refrigeration processes maintain low temperatures for cold storage.

They also play an important role in industrial cooling by removing heat from materials, substances, and spaces. It is vital in the broad processing sector that relies on low temperatures to maintain standards and improve the quality, precision, and efficiency of their operations. 

Item ID Model#
Mounted on channel frame with 100hp motor.  Approx 7ft long x 4ft wide footprint
ID: 17184 model#: 448B-RC
ID: 17644 model#:
Tube and Shell Ammonia Heat Exchanger
ID: 17558 model#:
ID: 17451 model#: SC200W
ID: 17359 model#: 448
Vilter 448 8 Cylinder Ammonia Compressor.  No Motor.
ID: 17358 model#: 448
Vilter dual reciprocating ammonia compressor skid included                (1) Model AS 448, 8 cyl, 100hp S/N 20338A, 115V.               (2)…
ID: 16802 model#: AS448 & AS446
Oil separator.  Last Used with a Vilter 446 6 Cylinder ammonia Compressor.
ID: 14048 model#:
Mounted on channel base. Missing motor.
ID: 12180 model#: 448
495.2 SQ Ft surface area. previously used to chill soft drinks with ammonia.
ID: 17010 model#: MK15-BWFD
Mounted on channel frame with 100hp motor.
ID: 17183 model#: 448 RCB
Vilter Dual Ammonia Compressor Skid with Common Base and Starter Panel.  2 Vilter 448 Ammonia Compressors with 100 HP Electrical Motors for Each Compressor.
ID: 17356 model#: 448
Vilter Dual Ammonia Compressor Skid- Skid includes 1 Vilter 448 8 Cylinder Compressor with 100 HP Motor, 1 Vilter 446 6 Cylinder Ammonia Compressor with 100 HP Motor.
ID: 17355 model#: 448,446
807 sq. ft of cooling surface.  Maximum allowable working pressure of 200 psi between -20F to 230F.
ID: 17125 model#: A15-BWFD

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