Used Sand and Carbon Filters

Water treatment systems keep water clean and healthy and are vital for many industries. Filtration is an important element of all water treatment systems whether they are for industrial effluent, wastewater, drinking water, processed water, or bottled spring water. While there are many types of filters, the equipment many industries use includes sand and carbon filters. Typically, these remove suspended solids and pathogens that aren’t destroyed during other processes.  

Industrial sand filters commonly use single-size media (sand) that is variable and can be changed to suit various applications. They are used to remove suspended solids from the water. There are, though, also multimedia sand filters that are very effective when finer-sized solids have to be removed. 

Industrial carbon filters use granulated activated carbon (GAC) to remove chemicals from water. They are also effective for removing unpleasant odors and tastes, including chlorine, from water. 


Item ID Model#
Painted steel tank with 4" connections.  4" diameter x 4' straightwall x 9' overall height.
ID: 15329 model#: 50 gpm
Mueller Stainless Steel Carbon Tower 108 X 144
ID: 17520 model#:
Osmonics Stainless Steel Carbon Tower.  102 x 144 carbon tower
ID: 17519 model#: FLT-AC 102 X 144
ID: 17510 model#: FLT.AC-72X120.SS.WEST.LL
Arrow Tank Mild Steel Sand Filter-  National Board#24098.  Max Allowable Working Pressore 100 PSI at 650 Degress F.  Top Manway- Missing Lid.  Overall Dims- 10' L X 7' W X…
ID: 17423 model#:
Stainless Steel Carbon Tower.  Top Manway.  Missing Cover.  Tank Dims- 108" Straight Wall X 76" Diameter.  Overall 12' L X 7' W X 7' Tall.  4 Stainless Steel Legs.
ID: 17422 model#:
Painted steel tank with 4" connections.  4" diameter x 4' straightwall x 9' overall height.
ID: 15328 model#: 50 gpm
ASME rated. 304 SS. 40" diameter x 96" straightwall, 20"diameter bolted top manway. Outlets: (1)2"tri-clamp with a ball valve, (1)1"ID with threaded inside equipped with a ball valve and (1)2-3/4"ID…
ID: 14031 model#:
Mild steel construction with stainless steel 4" facepiping.
ID: 16072 model#: FLT-DM 6' x 6'
Mild steel construction with stainless steel 4" facepiping. 100 psi pressure rating.
ID: 16074 model#: FLT 72x72
Mueller Carbon Tower.  Overall Dims- 14' L X 68" W X 72" Tall.  Tank Dims- 129" Straight Wall X 66" Diameter.  4 SS Legs.  Top Manway 11" X 15".  Side…
ID: 17221 model#:

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