Used Water Treatment Systems

Water treatment systems have diverse applications that are vital for many industries, from those that utilize water in commercial and industrial applications to those that bottle spring water. The common factor is that the water treatment system will ensure that the water is clean and healthy. Our customers are as varied as the water treatment systems we offer, and we do our best to meet all their needs.

Used Water Treatment Systems from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of high-quality, pre-owned water systems of various types. Our current inventory includes a wide range of water treatment systems including UV and ozone systems, reverse osmosis systems, those that rely on sand and carbon filters, as well as various other miscellaneous water treatment equipment.

You will find water treatment equipment that bears the brand name of many highly respected companies that have been in the business for many years. They include Coyote, H&K, JV Northwest, Kisco, Norland, Osmonics, Pentair, Stainless Fabrication Inc, US Filter, and Western. Whatever your company focus, when you buy pre-owned water treatment equipment from SMB Machinery, you will have a head start with a worthwhile, reliable investment.

Item ID Model#
ID: 17466 model#: Flow max FM3-09
Arrow Tank Mild Steel Sand Filter-  National Board#24098.  Max Allowable Working Pressore 100 PSI at 650 Degress F.  Top Manway- Missing Lid.  Overall Dims- 10' L X 7' W X…
ID: 17423 model#:
Stainless Steel Carbon Tower.  Top Manway.  Missing Cover.  Tank Dims- 108" Straight Wall X 76" Diameter.  Overall 12' L X 7' W X 7' Tall.  4 Stainless Steel Legs.
ID: 17422 model#:
Carbon Tower.  No Data Plate- Tank Dims are approx- 63" Straightwall X 77" Diameter.  Overall Tank Dims- 7' L X 7' W X 9'2" Tall.  3 Stainless Steel Legs
ID: 17338 model#:
Skidded system with (80) 8" diameter fiberglass vessels.  9' wide x 12' high x 30'-6" long.  Operated by (2) 330 gpm pumps.
ID: 17231 model#:
Mueller Carbon Tower.  Overall Dims- 14' L X 68" W X 72" Tall.  Tank Dims- 129" Straight Wall X 66" Diameter.  4 SS Legs.  Top Manway 11" X 15".  Side…
ID: 17221 model#:
Structural Pentair Water Softner.  Size-U11665.  Maximum Pressure- 150 PSIG.  Maximum Temperatur 34F.  Maximum Vacuum 5 Inch.    
ID: 16571 model#: U11665
Mild steel construction with stainless steel 4" facepiping. 100 psi pressure rating.
ID: 16074 model#: FLT 72x72
Mild steel construction with stainless steel 4" facepiping.
ID: 16072 model#: FLT-DM 6' x 6'
316L Stainless Steel Treatment Chamber2″ or 3″ MPT, Flange, or Sanitary Inlet/Outlet Connections (Model Dependent)Remote Power Enclosure with viewing windowElapsed Running Time MeterLED UV Lamp Operational DisplayHigh Output or Amalgam UV Lamp…
ID: 15452 model#: CY3-HO