Used Stainless Steel Insulated Tanks

Stainless steel tanks come in an extensive range of shapes and sizes to suit a wide variety of different industry needs. Insulated tanks are generally used as holding tanks, for storage, or for mixing, and may be made from tough, 316 stainless steel or more common 304 stainless steel, both of which are durable and promise a very long life.

SMB Machinery Used Stainless Steel Insulated Tanks

We provide insulated tanks for a number of different industries that recognize the benefits of stainless steel in terms of durability, strength, and its hygiene qualities. Sizes vary from as little as 500 liters to as much as 215,000 liters and include both horizontal and vertical tanks, many of which are on legs. Larger insulated tanks often take the form of a vertical silo. Some are clad as well as insulated.

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Item ID Model#
Vertical insulated tank previously used as a hot liquor tank in a brewery.  Approximately 9' diameter x 21' overall height.
ID: 17366 model#: 200BBL
Santa Rosa Stainless 5,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Insulated Cold Liquor Storage Tank.  Overall Dimensions- 22'9" Overall Height.  85" Diameter.  Tank Dims-20'5" Straight wall X 80" Inside Diameter.  Side Manway. 4 Steel…
ID: 16799 model#: