Low Level Palletizers

Automatic floor level case palletizer.  Cases feed from right rear, travel right to left into machine.  Pallet dispenser on opposite side at pallet discharge end.  Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 controls…
ID: 17234 model#: FL150-LR
Complete unit with all sections for moving pallets from before loading and after loading.  Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC. 
ID: 16628 model#: Pro Pal Mini
Low level case palletizer for 40" x 48" GMA style pallets at speeds of 10 to 15 cases per minute.  Case flow - narrow-side leading. Pallet flow - wide-side leading.…
ID: 15131 model#: FL100-RR-AB-0412
Fully automatic low level case palletizer. Includes a pallet magazine. The transfer table has a roller stripper plate which reduces friction, allowing case transfer without squeezing or shifting the contents…
ID: 12845 model#: 72A