Used Palletizers

We stock both high-level and low-level palletizers from various manufacturers including ABC Packaging, Alvey, Columbia, Lantech, Priority One, Production Automation inc. (PAI), and VonGal.

Low-Level Palletizers

Specific machines from our inventory include:

  • Several Columbia palletizers for 40 in x 48 in standard GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallets.
  • Fully automatic palletizer from ABC Packaging that accommodates pallets up to 40 in x 48 in in size.
  • Integrated Lantech palletizer and stretch wrapper system designed for packages and single cartons. Used to form rows and layers, and then to wrap the packages and the pallet.
  • Priority One Pro-Pal palletizer with all the necessary sections for moving pallets both before and after they are loaded.

High-Level Palletizers

Specific machines from our inventory include:

  • Several Alvey palletizers and tier sheet inserters, including a high-speed case palletizer running 40 in x 48 in pallets.
  • PAI high-level palletizer with electric lift. Capable of moving 45 cases per minute with 36 in x 36 in pallets. Previously used for plastic bottles. Allen-Bradley CPU and 6 in color touchscreen.
  • VonGal high-level palletizer.

SMB Machinery Used Palletizers for Sale

Palletizers are in high demand and our inventory changes constantly. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our current inventory, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help. We source equipment worldwide.

Item ID Model#
ID: 17542 model#: MAX-02
Robotic Palletizer includes (2) Fanuc M-420iA Robots with teach pendant, (1) Fanuc M-410iB/450 Robot with teach pendant. Currently setup to run 24/36 packs PET bottles in shrinkwrapped pads. ABB controls. …
ID: 17159 model#: Robokombi IBH151
Complete unit with all sections for moving pallets from before loading and after loading.  Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC. 
ID: 16628 model#: Pro Pal Mini
Low level case palletizer for 40" x 48" GMA style pallets at speeds of 10 to 15 cases per minute.  Case flow - narrow-side leading. Pallet flow - wide-side leading.…
ID: 15131 model#: FL100-RR-AB-0412
ID: 17495 model#: