Used Gravity Fillers (Liquid)

Made for packaging beverages and various other liquids from water to liquid shoe polish, gravity fillers are available in all shapes and sizes for a range of liquid types from thin to thick and sticky. Some machines are fully automatic forming part of a complete inline packaging system, some are semi-automatic, and others may be manually controlled. While liquid gravity fillers aren’t generally bulky, most machines are intended for use on the factory floor, although there are some models that may be used on a tabletop to save space in a smaller factory environment. Generally, liquid gravity filling machines are most suitable for liquid products that don’t change viscosity (their degree of thickness or thinness) when the temperature of the liquid changes.

Item ID Model#
Rinser filler capper for bottled water. Speeds up to 350bpm
ID: 17465 model#: 36-36-12

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