Fillers - Filling Equipment

There is a vast choice when It comes to filling equipment both in terms of the way the machinery works and the product to be filled.

We stock a variety of different types of pre-owned filling equipment that is both reliable and efficient including:

  • Counter pressure fillers
  • Gravity fillers for liquid
  • Pressure gravity fillers for liquid
  • Hot fill fillers for juice and energy drinks
  • Piston fillers

Brands we stock include Accutek, Applied Bottling, Cime-Carredu, Crown, Elmar, E-PACK, Fogg, GVT, H&K, IMSB, Meheen, Meyer, Oden Machinery Inc., Seitz, and Simonazzi.

Used Filling Equipment from SMB Machinery

Our inventory changes all the time, so please do check what we currently have on offer. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us so we can try and source machinery that meets your needs.

ID item model#
ID: 16558 item: Piston Filler model#:
2 Valve Manual Piston Filler.  Air Operated.  2-5" Tri Clamp Inlets.  Valves have approx 1" Opening.  Last Filling Juice Products.  Overall Dims- 6' L X 2' W X 7' Tall. …