CSD - Counterpressure Fillers

Servicing the beverages industry, carbonated filling machines (CSD) and counter pressure fillers are essential for the precise filling of both still and carbonated drinks of all types. They are used to fill cans and bottles so that they don’t lose carbonation or foam. They are commonly used to bottle beer from the keg. Counter pressure technology is suitable for both plastic and glass containers that are rated for the appropriate pressure.

Used CSD & Counter Pressure Fillers from SMB Machinery

The counter pressure fillers and CSD SMB Machinery stocks are reliable and highly efficient. We carry an extensive inventory of pre-owned fillers including bottle fillers with head cappers and crowners as well as can fillers. Available brands include Applied Bottling, Crown, Krones, Meyer, and Meheen, all distinguished manufacturers of filling equipment in the industry.

Purchasing a pre-owned CSD or counter pressure filler from SMB Machinery will be a reliable, economical investment that will ultimately save time and effort during the filling process.

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