CIME-CAREDDU Single Head Keg Filler

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Single Head Keg Filler

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Cheers- B 1 Station Model-  

Workable Kegs- 2.6 to 13.2 Gallons

Product Processed- Beer

Washing Head- 1

Filling Head- 1

Safety Device- Two Handed Safety Buttons for Cycle Start

Max Throughput 5-8 Gallon Keg- 30/35 Keg/Hr.

Max Throughput 13 Gallon Keg- 25/30 Keg/Hr.

Cheers-B line is completely manufactured of AISI 304 stainless steel. The filling head and the product feed line have been designed accurately to avoid any contact of the product with the air, which would cause oxidation problems. The parts in contact with the product or that could go in contact with it are made of AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 on demand) and the plastic material is EPDM/ PTFE/Silicone approved for food usage. All machines of the line are equipped with rinsing liquid storage tanks (for a variety of sterilizing products) and are predisposed for the connection with the steam generator for hot sterilization of the containers. The control panel of the machine is equipped with PLC and Touch Screen panel for a simple control of the rinsing/sterilizing and filling operations. The valves are equipped with systems controlling the total discharge of the keg during the washing/sterilization operations in order to prevent any sediment of dirtiness thanks to their special design and manufacture.

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