Industrial Equipment Crating and Skidding

SMB provides equipment crating and skidding services for a range of industries that will maximize safety and provide ultimate peace of mind. Our experience, advanced planning and proven skidding and crating techniques will ensure your equipment relocation, machinery moving and logistics projects are handled with the utmost care and assets remain in pristine condition from the beginning of the process through to its completion. Some of the industries we provide skidding and crating services for include:

Turnkey Crating Services for Plant Equipment

Whether it’s a single piece of machinery or a full production line, our custom skidding and crating solutions will ensure you get the results you need every time. Some of the factors we will take into consideration include:

  • Climate and temperature control
  • Moisture and condensation prevention
  • Elimination of vibration or jostling during transport
  • Static electricity

When your machinery or equipment reaches its final destination, you can feel confident that it is in the same condition it was when it left and retains the same functionality.

Crating Consolidation

You may have goods, freight, or even equipment for your facilities that are in multiple locations. If you need to coordinate their packing and transportation so that they all arrive at a certain location at appropriate times, we will consolidate the shipments to cut down on costs and make the process more efficient.

Custom Equipment Crating & Skidding

Different materials or objects, such as larger components of an assembly line, or highly sensitive machinery will need customized crating for protection during transport. The dimensions are important, but there may be other factors such as insulation, shock or impact indicators, foam packaging for additional protection, jigs, fixtures, supports, and proper crating for loading that only experts can arrange for safe transportation.

We Get Your Goods to Their Destination

If you need a machinery mover, equipment skidding services or equipment crating services for a major event in your business, such as plant relocation, then we can help ensure a successful transition. Contact SMB Machinery today, and we can meet with you to discuss your plans, look at the materials to be shipped, and manage the project so that everything arrives at its destination on time, intact, and ready to unpack and use. Our proven processes, state-of-the-art equipment and customized skidding and crating solutions have made us a leader in the industry for more than 20 years.


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