Commercial Beer Filler Capabilities

Delivering a high-quality brew experience to customers is a top concern for craft breweries. SMB Machinery has partnered with Cime Carredu, Hermis, and Tecmi to offer US craft brewers a top-quality beverage filling, processing, and packaging machine line.

Your Choice of the Best Brands

  • Top-quality Cime Carredu beverage filling machines
  • Reliable, competitively priced Hermis lines for pasteurization
  • Best price-quality options for leading TECMI shrinkwrap systems

Key Benefits

  • Low Dissolved Oxygen (DO) – Can and bottle fillers deliver one of the lowest dissolved oxygen levels in the industry
  • Increased stability – Low DO ensures consistent, stable beer production with an extended shelf life
  • Flexibility – Filling speeds range from 30 cans per minute to over 200 cans per minute 
  • Durability – Constructed with high-quality stainless steel 
  • Ease of Maintenance – Special design makes cleaning easy and safe for you and your team
  • Value – Competitive pricing provides you with one of the best filling machines and service agreements available at an affordable cost

SMB Machinery is proud to partner with top-quality brands such as Cime, Hermis, and Tecmi as their US distributor and service center for their line of high-quality fillers, processing equipment, and packaging equipment.

SMB Machinery partners with companies that share the same level of commitment to quality and customer care. When you invest in new commercial beer manufacturing equipment, SMB provides responsive service and support well beyond the initial purchase.

If you are looking to upgrade your current manufacturing process, or are just starting your new brewery, call SMB Machinery. We are happy to help you with your evaluation  – so you choose the right filler and packaging equipment that meets your specifications.

SMB’s New Filling Equipment for Commercial Beer Manufacturing

Commercial Beer Can Filler - Cime Diamond Filler

If you prefer to package your beer in cans, the Cime Carredu Diamond Can Filler is the perfect solution. This canning machine conforms to high manufacturing and performance standards. The Diamond Filler is optimized to work with cylindrical aluminum cans.

The Diamond Can Filler is constructed with AISI 304 or AISI 316  stainless steel based on your preference. The smooth movement of the bottle filling line avoids shocks that could spill the beer.  Gas is removed from the cans as they are filled; creating a more stable environment for the brew and ensuring longer shelf-life. Depending on your needs, you can fill cans with or without CO2.

Cime Careddu Diamond Can Filler

Commercial Beer Bottle Filler - Cime Gold Filler

The Cime Carredu Gold Bottle Filler is an ideal choice if you chose to package your beer in a traditional bottle.

The base of the Gold filler is a tubular AISI 304 stainless steel frame covered with steel plates. The bottle filler can be adjusted for height and leveling requirements and designed for ease of use. Components can be quickly removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Transparent panels allow staff to supervise the production process.  Thanks to the unique design and efficient use of lubrication, the noise levels are comparatively low to other filling machines.

Cime Careddu Gold Bottle Filler

Commercial Beer Tunnel Pasteurizer - Hermis

Designed for thermal treatment of carbonated beverages packed in glass bottles or cans, the Hermis Tunnel Pasteurizer is produced in different sizes to cater for small, medium, and large operations.

Made in the form of a tunnel to meet customer specifications and fit individual production areas, the Tunnel Pasteurizer may be heated with electricity, steam, or hot water and cooled with iced or cold water. The temperature of pasteurization varies from 62 °C to 97 °C.

Made with high quality stainless steel and components that are manufactured primarily in the European Union, machines incorporate Siemens control systems with automatic temperature control.

Tunnel Pasteurizer

Commercial Brewing Flow Pasteurizer - Hermis

Designed to increase the shelf life of products, the Hermis Flow Pasteurizer reduces microorganisms in beer by pasteurization. The liquid is heated rapidly to a predetermined temperature, held at that temperature for a specified time, and then cooled.

Heated with steam, electricity, or hot water, the machine has a variety of cooling sources including water, saline or alcohol solutions, or propylene glycol.

Made with high-quality stainless steel and components that are manufactured primarily in Europe (mostly Germany), machines incorporate either an automatic or semi-automatic Siemens control systems.

Hermis Flow Pasteurizers can be equipped with a buffer tank and a pump for cleaning solutions that return from the buffer tank. An optional pump for the coolant line is also available.

Flow Pasteurizer

Commercial Beer Tunnel Warmer - Hermis

The Hermis Tunnel Warmer is designed for heating sealed beverages to ambient temperatures of more than 20 °C or 25 °C for subsequent labeling.

Capable of warming between 30 and 400 bottles a minute, the tunnel-shaped machine is made of quality stainless steel produced in Europe. All its components including electric actuators, pumps, valves, and nozzles are made in Europe, mostly Germany. Controllers are manufactured by Siemens and may be automatic or semiautomatic.

The heat sources used are hot water, steam, and electricity, and the bottles are heated gradually in heating zones at different low temperatures by spraying water onto the container through the specially designed nozzles.

Tunnel Warmer

Commercial Beer Tunnel Cooler - Hermis

The Hermis Tunnel Cooler is designed to cool bottled or canned beer that has been dispensed at high temperatures.

Like the Hermis Tunnel Heater, the cooler is capable of cooling between 30 and 400 bottles a minute. Also a tunnel-shaped machine, it is made of quality stainless steel produced in Europe. All its components including electric actuators, pumps, valves, and nozzles are also made in Europe, mostly Germany. Controllers are manufactured by Siemens and may be automatic or semiautomatic.

The heat sources used are hot water, steam, and electricity. When the product passes through the cooling zones, it is cooled to a temperature specified by the customer. Equipment dimensions depend on the required temperature.

Tunnel Cooler

Commercial Beer Production Shrink Wrapper - Tecmi EV 750-35

One of the newest types of film shrink wrapper, the TECMI EV 750-35 is an overlap machine that can be used to package bottles and cans of beer.

Available with single and double lanes to meet various different requirements, it has an automatic servo engine and stacks packages automatically. The film used for shrink-wrapping is fed into the machine electronically and it is synchronized with whatever products are being packaged. There are two rolls of film at every station, one of which is on standby.

A reliable mid-speed bundler is available with a pad loader option.

TECMI EV 750.35 Film Shrink Wrapper

Commercial Beer Continuous Shrink Wrapper - Tecmi EV 750-50

The TECMI EV 750-50 is a very reliable, flexible machine that provides continuous shrink-wrapping so that the film overlaps under the pack to seal the packaging.

Built to top-quality standards, it is suitable for packaging canned and bottled beers. The machine has an adjustable production speed that can handle up to 100 packs per minute. It incorporates an electronic system that enables operators to monitor the formation of packs, and keeps the product visible and accessible at all times.

There is a double-lane wrapping option with a single reel and a slitting device. The film is cut with a rotating blade and a manually-operated welding bar can be used to seal joints when the film on the reel is finished. A manual device is used to remove packs from the heating zone when the power is cut.

There is a pad and film option as well as a film-only machine.

TECMI EV 750.50 Film Shrink Wrapper

Commercial Beer Multipack Film Shrink Wrapper - Tecmi EV 35

The EV 35 is an automatic, continuous-operation shrink-wrapping machine that can accommodate beers that have been packed in glass bottles, or in cans, and is ideal for packages that are inconsistent in shape and/or size. It can handle up to 35 packs per minute if operating with a single lane and double this quantity if used in the double-lane format.

This machine only handles film, but is great for repacking operations and has an ergonomic layout for manual loading.

TECMI EV 35 MultiPack Film Shrink Wrapper

Commerical Beer Film Shrink Wrapper - Tecmi ECAS 650/TT

Undoubtedly one of the best machines available in terms of performance, cost, and overall benefits, the ECAS 650/TT Film Shrink Wrapper is an automatic machine that can be used for canned or bottled products.

A welding bar comes standard with this machine, which enables hot-chamber welding with digital temperature control for an automated operation. The welding bar has pneumatically operated upper and lower movement and all the necessary safety devices are incorporated. Production speed can be adjusted up to 25 packs per minute.

This is a highly flexible film shrink wrapper that is reliable and unique in the market.

TECMI ECAS 650/TT Film Shrink Wrapper

Commercial Beer Film Shrink Wrapper - Tecmi EV 850-50

The TECMI EV 850-50 Film Shrink Wrapper is an automatic, continuous wrapping machine that can be used on its own, with a cardboard pad, or with a tray to package bottles of beer.

The film used for shrink wrapping is cut with a rotating blade. There is an electronically monitored loading station for a spare reel and protection devices where the wrapping bar is located. If bottles are blocked under the dragging bars a two-stage reverse motion will release them.

Designed for automatic pack preparation, it offers excellent product visibility and accessibility throughout the packaging process. This feature also simplifies care and maintenance.

TECMI EV 850-50 Film Shrink Wrapper