Blow Molders

The used blow molders that SMB carries are generally PET Plastic bottle blow molders. These machines take a preformed piece of injection molded polyethylene terephthalate plastic, heat it and blow it to the extents of shell or mold to form a bottle. Blow molders can be used to save money by producing your own empty bottles in house as opposed to buying from a supplier. Buying one used from SMB can lead to even greater savings. SMB also carries the equipment to support your blow molding operation. – We are here for all of your used packaging and process equipment needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing, questions, services or equipment offers.

 Heats preforms before placing into blow molder machine M400 Athena Controllers.  Opening is 8" W x 10" T
ID: 16921 model#: PH600
Complete skidded package high pressure reciprocating air compressor for PET bottle blowing applications.  100% oil-free air for 1,762m3/h or 1,037cfm @ 595 psig capacity.   Remote electrical control cabinet with Ingersol Rand controller…
ID: 16520 model#: PS4 1700NL PACKAGE