Used Pumps (Sanitary)

Item ID Model#
Waukesha Model 006 PD Pump with 1HP Drive
ID: 17348 model#: 006
Sanitary Stainless Steel diaphragm pump previously used in a craft whiskey operation.ARO Pumps 666151-24B-C Diaphragm Pump, 1-1/2” Metallic Pro Series | IR Ingersoll RandRatio: 1:1Maximum Flow: 90-g.p.m. (340.7-l.p.m.)Displacement per cycle:…
ID: 17193 model#: 666151-24B-C
The Harren Rupp Co Portable Diaphragm Pump with Micro Motion Flow Meter- Model-CMF100M339NU.  Micromotion Transmitter Model-RFT9739E48UJ.  Micro Motion FMS-3 Flow Montoring System.  Hose 1 1/2"
ID: 17112 model#: CP8M
Tri Clover- 3 HP PD Pump with Reeves Drive.  Mounted on Cart with Casters.  Inlet and Outlet-1 1/2".  Motor-3HP, 1735 RPM.
ID: 16568 model#: PRR25-11/2M-TC1-4-ST-S
Stainless steel head assembly 3" X 2.5" dia tri-clamp connections.
ID: 5518 model#: N/A
Waukesha 40 HP Centrifugal Pump.  Pump Model-205.  Inlet and Outlet 3 1/2 Inch Tri Clamp.
ID: 17538 model#: 205
Approx 10 HP Centrifugal Pump.  Motor Data Plate Missing.  Pump Model-2105 S#366818.  Inlet and Outlet are 3 1/2 Inch Tri Clamp.
ID: 17537 model#: 4 2105
Verdeflex Model VF 25 peristaltic pump, driven by          2 HP, 1740 RPM, 230/460V, 3/60Hz thru gear reducer          connected to rotor shaft. Model# VF 25 FCE 3MR/S,          serial# 071448A2. Includes 1-1/4”…
ID: 16990 model#: VF 25
Hilge centrifugal filter pump, stainless steel          contacts, driven by 25 HP, 460V, 2930 RPM, 3/60Hz          motor, direct connected to rotor shaft, includes          3-1/4” inlet/out, threaded openings. Previously          used as part…
ID: 16989 model#: 25HP