CO2 Systems

Tomco Model-FS-DTP-30 CO2 Vaprozier.  480 Volts
ID: 17244 model#: FS-DTP-30
Domnick Hunter CO2 Purifier.  Model PC02/3 NPT.  Part# 686070008.  Max Working Pressure-20 BARG.  290 PSIG.  Max Working temperature-40 Degrees C.  104 Degrees F. S#PCO426. Purifier Volume-609-900 KG/HR.
ID: 17242 model#: PC02/3 NPT
Rated for operating pressures up to 350 psig. Rated for flow up to 6,000 lbs/hr of CO2. PCO2 carbon dioxide polishing systems from Parkerdomnick hunter offer a comprehensive solution to…
ID: 15635 model#: MPLUS 6000
Steam tube and shell CO2 vaporizer w/ 3000lb/hr capacity.  Low pressure drop, compact size, simple to install, weather proof, minimum energy waste.$4,500 OBO
ID: 15508 model#: 6 X 6 X 8DP