Used Unscramblers

Used Unscramblers From SMB Machinery

We stock used bottle unscramblers manufactured by various reputable companies including New England Machinery Inc., Optima, Pace, and Service Engineering.

Pace is a particularly popular brand and the company manufacturers two lines:

  1. The Omni-line that handles all types of plastic bottles in every possible format, including those with different neck types, with sprays, or with handles. These are designed to operate at different speeds and are suitable for many industries including personal and home-care, motor oil, and the food industry.
    1. Low-speed machines operate from 50 to 200 bpm.
    2. Moderate-speed unscramblers operate from 200 to 300 bpm.
    3. High-speed machines operate from 300 to 700 bpm.
  2. The Pharma-line that is designed specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical, vitamin, and nutraceutical industries. These unscramblers have optional inline ionized air rinse and concurrent vacuum integrated into the machine. They can handle all types of containers including round, square, rectangular, and oval tubs, bottles, and jars for both tablets and liquids.

New England Machinery (NEM) has a wide range of bottle unscramblers ranging from low profile to heavy-duty machines. NEM also builds specialty machines and offers options that include integrated ionizing air rinser systems, secondary orientaters, and integrated packing.

Examples of machines and components we have had on our recent inventory include:

  • Optima unscrambler with a bulk feed bin and elevator.
  • Service Engineering unscrambler with a bulk feed bin and elevator.
  • Stainless steel Pace bottle unscrambler with an elevator and hopper capable of sorting as many as 200 bpm. The machine had a very small footprint and had previously been used to run 36 and 48 oz rectangular-shaped plastic bottles.
  • Pace bottle unscrambler with a bulk bin that was originally used to sort 20 oz, 1-liter, and 2-liter bottles at speeds between 75 and 180 bpm.
  • 75 cubic foot bottle feeder for unscramblers from Pace.
  • Stainless steel bulk bottle feeder for an unscramble from NEM.

If you can’t find a used unscrambler to meet your needs in our inventory, contact us. We source equipment globally and can help you find what you are looking for.