Used Traypackers & Trayloaders

Tray packers and tray loaders are used to automate the loading of various types of trays made from cardboard, polystyrene, plastics, or other materials for a vast range of industries. Typically, these incorporate a pick-and-place arm that packs the product into or on the trays on a conveyor belt. They run at different rates and are designed for different products. Some that we stock will pack plastic, PET, cans, or glass. Others just pack one particular product type.

Used Tray Packers & Tray Loaders from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of the best quality, pre-owned tray loader shrink wrappers, all of which have been designed to optimize efficiency in packaging and distribution operations. We currently stock machines that will cope with anything from 35 to as many as 70 trays a minute.

Brand companies whose products are showcased include some of the most reputable brands like ARPAC LLC, Kayat, and Kisters. What we offer is efficient and reliable and there is sure to be machinery that will meet the requirements of your manufacturing operation. When you decide to buy a pre-owned tray packer or tray loader from SMB Machinery, you’ll soon discover that you have made a reliable, time-saving investment that is going to save you money.

Item ID Model#
Adco Wrap Around Cartoner.  Capable up to 25 cases/minute depending upon product and case size. Air supply: 85 psi minimum, 6 CFM. Electrical: 230V/3ph/60Hz/ 15 amps minimum.   Last Running 4…
ID: 17257 model#: WAT80-EC
Right hand board feed. Nordson 3500 glue unit.  Previously running 24 count 1/2 liter and 20 oz PET bottles.
ID: 16992 model#: TP-50
Includes Nordson Problue 7 glue unit, Allen-Bradley electricals, previously running (4) 6-packs of single serve bottles.  Left hand board feed.
ID: 16133 model#: Traystar TS-2152RC