Tray Packer / Shrink Wrapper Integrated

Shrink wrapper-integrated tray packers enable those operating in a wide range of industries to produce tray packaging for packs of bottles, jars, or cans, as well as loose products. Particularly popular for packaging food and beverages, they are also ideal for any products that benefit from modular tray packing including sanitary items and pharmaceuticals.

Used Shrink Wrapper Integrated Tray Packers from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of high-quality, pre-owned tray loader shrink wrappers designed to optimize efficiency in any packaging and distribution operation. We currently stock machines from some of the most reputable brands including Dorell, Kisters, Krones, and OCME. If we don’t have what you are looking for, contact us and we will see how we can help.

There is no doubt that when you purchase a pre-owned integrated tray loading or packing shrink wrapper from SMB Machinery, you will be assured that you have made a reliable, worthwhile investment.

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