Used Tray Erectors & Formers

Item ID Model#
ID: 17395 model#: 1T4
ID: 17385 model#: 1T4
ID: 17384 model#: 1T4
Includes Nordson 3500 hotmelt glue unit.  Machine capable of up to 30 trays per minute depending upon package specifics.
ID: 17369 model#: TF6A ST BSF
Up to 35 Cycle per minute, vacuum pick machine with high capacity glue pots.
ID: 16615 model#:
Capable of speed 12-35 trays/minute depending upon tray size, style and applications.  Nordson seriesl 3700 hotmelt glue unit.  Nordson Eclipse series EPC30 pattern control system.  Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 cpu and…
ID: 15210 model#: BF-400V
Rebuilt SWF 1T4 Trayformer. Price includes one new custom mandrel.
ID: 8172 model#: 1T4
ID: 17469 model#: IT4