Used Rinsers

Rinsers are essential in industries that fill and package bottles, cans, and other containers. These range from the food and beverage industry to pharmaceuticals. In many sectors, this equipment is required by packaging standards as well as health and safety regulations. There are various systems some of which use water or other rinse media, some that use peracetic acid or the fill product itself, and others that use ionized air. We stock a good cross-section of different systems from some of the best available brands including A&E, Ambec, Carleton Helical, Costec, RSC, Seco, and Sentry.

Used Rinsers from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of pre-owned rinse machines for use in the packaging industry. Our current inventory includes several different types of including highly effective ionized air systems that reduce energy usage and save water. But our inventory is always changing, and if you can’t find the rinsing equipment you need on our website, contact us so that we can source a rinser that meets your specific needs.

When you purchase pre-owned rinse equipment from SMB Machinery, you will be making an economical, dependable investment that will benefit your business.

Item ID Model#
Stainless Steel bottle lowerator.  118" infeed and 42" discharge.  2HP blower motor with 24" Air knife.
ID: 17453 model#:
Low level gripper rinser with dual SEW gripper chain drives and Graco lubricator.
ID: 17381 model#: 810
Set for 12 and 16 oz 211 body beverage cans.  Previously running with a 1200 cpm Crown 72 valve can filler.
ID: 17272 model#:
Capable of speeds up to 260 feet per minute.  Machine rebuilt with new chain, electricals, solenoid valves, covers, wear strips, etc.   4’-8”W X 11’-6”T X 29’L.  10’-6” infeed elevation and …
ID: 17155 model#: 810
Stainless steel frame construction with machine UHMW twists at infeed and discharge. Currently set for a 5oz Barilla bottle.
ID: 16960 model#: 058-XF1-4300
Previously used on air lowerator rinser. Includes Meech 978 Ionisation Control System
ID: 16900 model#: AV-B1000
12 head rotary water rinser capable of running 12oz and 22oz glass beer bottles up to 40-50 bpm.
ID: 16893 model#: 12.150
Stainless steel can rinser currently set for 202/211x415 aluminum beverage cans.
ID: 15509 model#: N/A
Previously used on air lowerator rinser. Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 CPU.
ID: 15199 model#: AV-B1000
Set for 473ml/16oz 202/211x615 aluminum beverage can.
ID: 14374 model#: