Used Depalletizers

Depalletizers are available in many different forms and configurations to handle a myriad of items in just about every industry from pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals, to food and beverage and the full range of consumer products.

We stock used depalletizers from various manufacturers that have been designed for use in a number of different industries, including both high-level and low-level depalletizers.

Used Depalletizers from SMB Machinery

Our inventory changes all the time, so check what we’ve got in stock now. We source equipment worldwide, so if you can’t find what you need, contact us and we’ll see how we can help. We can also provide more information about the machines that are available now.

Item ID Model#
ID: 17492 model#:
Narrow side leading bulk depalletizer with riple strand pallet infeed conveyor,  dual strand pallet discharge conveyor, left hand machine controls, 20' long Intralox 900 series discharge bed with left hand…
ID: 17166 model#: 400-D
Alliance Industrial High Level Bulk Depalletizer, Z-Flow High Level Machine with 18ft Infeed Conveyor, Wide Side Leading for 45in x 47in Pallet (Can be modified to 44in x 56in), 20ft…
ID: 16873 model#: High Level
Busse left hand automatic PET bottle bulk depalletizer with reverse flow(C flow). 44" x 56" pallet size with narrrow side leading. 110" maximum load size. 2000 lbs maximum load weight.…
ID: 12380 model#: T-5000