Used Conveyor (Case)

Enhance efficiency, reduce labor costs, and optimize your packaging operations with used conveyor case equipment from SMB Machinery. Our selection of pre-owned case packers, sealers, and conveyors offers cost-effective solutions for a range of industries. Save money, increase productivity, and improve product handling with our quality used equipment.

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing and distribution environments, efficient and reliable packaging processes are crucial for maintaining productivity and meeting customer demands. Introducing used conveyor case equipment from SMB Machinery – affordable and high-quality solutions to streamline your packaging operations. From case packers and sealers to conveyors and accessories, our pre-owned equipment offers numerous advantages that can transform your packaging line.



Item ID Model#
Dual Belt Case Turner.  Aprox 4' L X 3' W X 43" tall.
ID: 15559 model#: N/A
Qty 6 belted Hytrol conveyors with 1 to 3 phase inverters on themDetails as follows:1 – 6 ft long, 18” wide belt, Powerflex 5232 – 6 ft long, 28” belt,…
ID: 17389 model#:
Ambaflex Incline Spiral.  Single Container- 3 1/4" Wide Conveyor Belt.
ID: 17449 model#: SVM-1/100-1300
Ambaflex Incline Spiral Case Conveyor.  Infeed Height- 31 3/4"  Discharge Height-18' 3/8".  Height Difference- 15' 4 5/8".  Effective Belt Width- 16"
ID: 17426 model#: SV-400-1300
Ambaflex Incline Sprial.  Infeed Height 31 3/4".  Discharge Height 15' 5 3/8".  Height Difference- 10'3 5/8".  Effective Belt Width-16"
ID: 17427 model#: SV-400-1300
Acmi 1 to 2 Case Switch
ID: 17330 model#:
Ryson Case Conveyor Spiral Incline.  C-3 CCW Configuration - 5-1/2 rotations.  Infeed Elevation approx. 18".  Discharge Elevation approx 173".  6 Levels.  Belt 19 1/2 inch Wide.
ID: 17326 model#: 16500-500-C3-5 1/2
Flex conveyor, expandable to 12' long X 18" wide
ID: 17311 model#:
Felx Conveyor- expandable to 24' Length- 2' Wide
ID: 17305 model#:
Flex Conveyor, expandable to 24' Length X 2' Wide.
ID: 17306 model#:
Flex Conveyor expandable to 25' Long X 18" Wide.
ID: 17307 model#:
Low back pressure belted accumulating conveyor for packs, trays or cases.  1HP Reliance motor
ID: 16843 model#:
Ryson B Configuration.  90 Degree.  Clockwise rotation.  Infeed approx 4'.  Discharge approx- 10'6".  Belt 16"'wide.
ID: 15636 model#: B-1
Ambaflex spiral case Decline. 16" belting. The Discharge is 44" northbound and Infeed is 138" eastbound (94" differential).  Clockwise case flow 1590 degrees of rotation
ID: 15442 model#: SV-400-1300
16"wide chain. 90 deg flow configuration. Infeed el: 59"(approx.). Discharge el: 200"(approx. Differential height: 141"(approx.).  Clockwise case flow, 1890 degrees of rotation
ID: 14297 model#: SV-400-1300
90 deg flow configuration. 16" wide chain. Infeed el: 59"(approx.) Discharge el: 196"(approx.). Differential height: 137" (approx.)
ID: 14273 model#: SV-400-1300
810 degree case elevator. Driven by (3) 2 HP, 1725 motors. Discharge at 11 Feet / Infeed at 2 Feet / Overall Height 12 Feet / Max Case Width 1.5…
ID: 7860 model#: A-2818 SP 810
ID: 17607 model#:
Crate of Never Used Interlox Series 400 Raised Rib Conveyor Chain with Sprockets and Fingers.  Grey.  Width 63.8 inches.  Length 60 Feet.
ID: 17573 model#:
ID: 17502 model#:
Ambaflex Incline Spiral.  16in wide belt with 4' infeed and 16' discharge.  Counter-clockwise rotation with 180 degree infeed and discharge.  Approximately 5'-6" overall outside spiral diameter. 5hp SEW drive.
ID: 17346 model#: SV-400-1300
4' infeed, 12'-6" discharge, 16" wide belt.  Cases arrive eastbound and exit southbound and is a B orientation
ID: 17382 model#: 1-1500-400-B1-3.25
Ambaflex Spiral Case Elevator.  Unit is currently missing Belt and Drive Motor.  Belt Width- 16 inch.  Infeed- approx. 37 Inch. Discharge approx 19 feet.
ID: 15531 model#: Spiralveyor SV

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