Coders are used to place information like manufacturer, product, and production information, as well as size, price, and date or other details on products or packaging. There are many different kinds of coders; the most common types of coders are laser coders and inkjet coders. Inkjet coders print coding on packaging using an air jet to spray tiny beads of ink on the package surface. Laser coders use a high-intensity burst of laser light to burn a code into the surface of a product. Changes made to the code being printed or etched are done through the machine’s electrical control panel.

Used Coders from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of quality pre-owned coders capable of meeting the end-of-line requirements of most packaging applications. Our current inventory of used coders includes inkjet and laser coders from reputable brand names like LINX, Videojet, and Hitachi. Like all of our packaging and process equipment, SMB Machinery’s selection of coders is reliable, efficient and will meet the requirements of your manufacturing operation. Purchasing a pre-owned inkjet coder or laser coder from SMB Machinery is a time-saving, reliable, and economical investment.

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