Case Sealers

Case sealers are designed to seal cases using either glue or tape, after the case (or box) has been erected and filled with product. Case sealers can be either automatic or semi-automatic. Semi-automatic case sealers require an operator to close the major and minor flaps of the case before the case can be sealed. Automatic case sealers do not require the flaps to be closed before sealing. Case sealers have an array of capabilities depending on the application the specific case sealer was designed for.

Used Case Sealers from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of quality pre-owned case sealers and tapers capable of meeting the end-of-line requirements of most packaging applications. Our current inventory of used case sealers and tapers includes semi-automatic, automatic, uniform, and random machines from reputable brand names like 3M, Little David, Elliott, and RA Pearson. Like all of our packaging and process equipment, SMB Machinery’s selection of case sealing equipment is reliable, efficient and will meet the requirements of your manufacturing operation. Purchasing a pre-owned case sealer from SMB Machinery is a time-saving, reliable, and economical investment.

ID: 17337 model#: 19300
ID: 17336 model#:
Top and bottom case sealer for 2" tape.<br>Height (inches) Width (inches) Length (inches) Minimum 4.5 4 6 Maximum 24 20 Infinite
ID: 17304 model#: USA2024-SB
Top and bottom tape sealer, semi-automatic.  2" tape heads.
ID: 17303 model#: LDR2P2
This extended side belt driven tape automatic case sealer propels cartons through a folding section, then folds all major flaps and one upper flap. Repetitive motion is reduced and productivity is increased with this…
ID: 17302 model#: SP304/60
Pearson CS25 Case Sealers top seal a wide range of case sizes with either pressure-sensitive tape or hot melt adhesive at speeds of 25 cases per minute depending on case…
ID: 17264 model#: CS25
Built for case sealing speeds to 40 cpm, the 336HM top case sealer is designed to power through flap closing and sealing and deliver square, securely-sealed cases for reliable palletizing.…
ID: 17179 model#: 336HM
Hot melt case sealer for RSC boxes with ITW Dynatec Dynamini glue unit.
ID: 17151 model#: SD-657S
The Pearson Model N401 Adjustable Top Sealer is designed for extremes. Ruggedly constructed and built to last, the fully automatic continuous motion top sealer will produce a consistent square seal…
ID: 17138 model#: N401
High performance servo case sealing at speeds up to 80cpm.  Top sealer includes Nordson Problue 7 hotmelt glue unit.  Siemens Sinamics controller with Simatic HMI.  Never installed!!
ID: 17137 model#: RPS