Used Cartoners

Cartoners are designed to erect a carton from a floded pre-scored blank. The cartons are then loaded with product manually or automatically (depending on the machine), and sealed using either glue or the carton’s own flaps which are tucked into each other. Automatic cartoners are designed to load product into formed cartons without input from an operator. Automatic cartoners can load product vertically or horizontally and are designed to be intermittent or continuous motion.

Used Cartoners from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of quality pre-owned capppers capable of meeting the end-of-line requirements of most packaging applications. Our current inventory of used cappers includes inline cappers, rotary plastic cappers, lug cappers, screw cappers, ROPP aluminum cappers, and trigger inserters from reputable brand names like Alcoa, Arol, and Zalkin. Like all of our packaging and process equipment, SMB Machinery’s selection of capper equipment is reliable, efficient and will meet the requirements of your manufacturing operation. Purchasing a pre-owned capper from SMB Machinery is a time-saving, reliable, and economical investment.

Item ID Model#
Six pack erector. Ran for many years as a companion with the Elliott case erector. Capable of 10+ cases per minute of erection. Easily adjustable for variations in carrier design.
ID: 16627 model#: Ruff Rider 2000