Used Cap Feed Systems

Cap feeding systems or cap feeding equipment is required in the production process of products with lids or caps. Anything that requires a cap to be attached to a bottle or similar container will require a cap feeding system prior to attaching the cap to the container.


Item ID Model#
ID: 17660 model#: 2024
Stainless steel bin and 24" wide elevator belt with right hand discharge.  Electrical panel on right hand side of machine.  Approximately 11' high discharge elevation.  Previously used to sort 28mm…
ID: 17278 model#: CF 20/24
ID: 17142 model#: CF 40-24
ID: 17343 model#: CF 20-36
Last Used for 43MM Flat Caps.  148" Tall Discharge.
ID: 15537 model#: SE24-12L
Cleated belt elevator for caps or small bottles.  Product discharges at approx 82" elevation, 24" from hopper.  Overall height is 9 ftTop of belt is 102”8" x 1-3/4" Cleats11-1/2" wide belt
ID: 16951 model#: Elevator
Waterfall Style Sorter.  Allen Bradley Controls.  Overall Dims- 9' L X 6' W X 124" Tall.  Bin- Approx- 59" L X 49" W X 2' Tall.  Cleats are approx. 3"…
ID: 16950 model#:
Stainless steel construction. Discharge elevations: approx. 139" and 169".  One 18" wide belt has 1/2" tall cleat at 1-1/2" pitch. Other belt is missing cleats. Bin dimensions: approx. 53-1/2"L x…
ID: 15192 model#: CF2218
Dual belt cap feeder set for 28mm caps. Right belt is 12"wide with 1/2"tall cleats at 1-1/2" spacing and left belt is 24"wide with 1/2"tall cleats at 1-1/4" spacing. Both…
ID: 14597 model#:
Cleatted cap feeder with hopper.
ID: 16226 model#:

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