Used Balers/Compactors/Crushers

Item ID Model#
small footprint compactor/baler with shredder for PET recycling. 
ID: 17547 model#: PERFSSHB24-R
Includes MaxPak model HCE60FE-8 compactor set for 48"x30"x60" bales (50 cubic feet). Includes 30hp drive motor, Allen-Bradley 1500 Micrologix PLC, REM dumper and elevator. Mild steel construction. Includes 12ft L…
ID: 17486 model#:
ID: 17467 model#: Selco VI-5
Side-eject horizontal baler with manual tie offBale size 72"L x 32"W x 42"H System includes dump hopper, elevator, package crusher and horizontal baler/compactor with 50HP motor. 
ID: 17245 model#: SE503042950A