Used Air Compressors & Dryers

Air compressor equipment produces compressed air from ambient air by converting power into kinetic energy. Packaging equipment frequently uses compressed air from industrial air compressors as a source of power and motion. Compressors use different methods to compress air: (1) Reciprocating Air Compressors use reciprocating pistons and valves, (2) Centrifugal Compressors use two close tolerance centrifugal turbines, (3) Screw type Compressors use twin rotating interlock screws with a cavity between the two screws which decreases in volume.

Item ID Model#
Air Receiver Tank-  Shipping Dims- 8' L X 4' W X 4' Tall.  Tank Dims-84" Straight Wall X 36" Diameter.  Approx 350 Gallons. MAWP-165 PSI at 400 Degrees F.
ID: 17675 model#:
Ingersoll Rand 100 HP Totary Screw Air Compressor.  Model IRN100HCC.  Max Discharge Pressure 145 PSI.  435 CFM.  approx Dims- 82 X 52 X 77.  Weight approx 4500 lbs.
ID: 17612 model#: IRN100HCC
Ingersoll Rand 200 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor.  Model-IRN200H-2S.  S#NFF0663J09324.  Max Discharge Pressure 145 PSI.
ID: 17416 model#: IRN200H-2S
Sullair Model 7509V/A  S-Energy Series Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor, Variable Speed.  100HP with 11,966 hours
ID: 17411 model#: 7509 V/A
7.5 HP Air Compressor.  Working Pressure 10 Bar.
ID: 17597 model#: GX5 FF
400 cfm direct drive air compressor.
ID: 17540 model#: QSI-370
ID: 17541 model#: PR400
ID: 17517 model#:
655 cfm  125 HP Air Compressor. 33,850 operating hours.
ID: 17461 model#: SSR-XF125
479 cfm at 100 psi 100 HP rotary screw Air Compressor.  145 PSI Max Discharge Pressure.  460 Volts.  125 Amps.
ID: 17415 model#: IRN100H
1000 cfm air dryer.  R407C refrigerent.  200 psig capacity.
ID: 17414 model#: 4028719
434 cfm Air Cooled Rotary Screw Air Compressor.  Rated Operating Pressure-125 PSI.  Max Discharge Pressure-128 PSI.  460 Volts 128 Amps.
ID: 17401 model#: SSR-EP100
Ingersoll Rand TS4A Air Dryer.  Max Air Pressure 175 PSI.  Max Compressed Air Inlet Temp 140 Degrees F.  Refrigerant Type-R404a. Refrig Design Pressure Low 388 PSI.  High-465 PSI.  Weight-405 LBS.
ID: 17397 model#: TS4A
479 cfm at 100 psi 100 HP rotary screw air compressor.  145 PSI Max Discharge Pressure.  460 Volts.  125 Amps.
ID: 17398 model#: IRN100H-CC
Quincy Modle Q81-235-H Air Compressor.
ID: 17357 model#: Q81-235-H
215 cfm 60 HP Air Compressor.  Rated Operating Pressure-100.  Max Discharge Pressure-150.  total Amps 153.  volts 230/460 3 Phase 60 HZ.  Control Voltage- 115.
ID: 17274 model#: SSR-XFE50
25HP rotary screw compressor capable of 98cfm at up to 125psi.  460V 35 amps power
ID: 17219 model#: SSR-EPE25SE
R-22 refrigerent.  200 psig.
ID: 17539 model#: PR400
ID: 17460 model#: 1200HSFA400
250 cfm with 200 psig capacity.  R134A refrigerent.
ID: 17417 model#: KRD250
Ingersoll Rand TS4A Air Dryer. Max Air Pressure 175 PSI. Max Compressed Air Inlet Temp 140 Degrees F. Refrigerant Type-R404a. Refrig Design Pressure Low 388 PSI. High-465 PSI. Weight-405 LBS.
ID: 17413 model#: TS4A
250 cfm air dryer.  200 psi max.
ID: 17412 model#: SC 250-X
1600 cfm Air Dryer.  Model NVC1600A400.  Max Allowable Working Pressure- 220 PSIG.  Refrigerant R404A.  13 Lbs.  460 Volts  45 Amps.  
ID: 17402 model#: NVC1600A400
446 cfm 100 HP Air Compressor.  Rated Operating Pressure-125 PSI.  Max Discharge Pressure-128 PSI.  460 Volts 140 Amps.
ID: 17400 model#: SSR-EP100
Sullivan Platek Air Dryer.  Approx 98 CFM at 120 PSI.  Max Pressure 220 PSI.  120 Volt.  134A Refrigeration.
ID: 17364 model#: SPRN-98A
880 crm Rotary Screw Compressor.  Max Pressure-8 Bars or 116 PSI.  Motor- 160 KW or approx 200 HP.
ID: 17214 model#: ZR 4-50
55 cfm 15 hp unit mounted on horizontal accumulator tank. 
ID: 17363 model#: UP6-15c-TAS-125 W7
25 horsepower Rotary screw air compressor previously sparingly used in a small liquor bottling facility.
ID: 17192 model#: EBEQFH
R-22 refrigerent.  14.1 FLA.  
ID: 16889 model#: 125HSEA100

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