Air Compressors & Dryers

Air compressor equipment produces compressed air from ambient air by converting power into kinetic energy. Packaging equipment frequently uses compressed air from industrial air compressors as a source of power and motion. Compressors use different methods to compress air: (1) Reciprocating Air Compressors use reciprocating pistons and valves, (2) Centrifugal Compressors use two close tolerance centrifugal turbines, (3) Screw type Compressors use twin rotating interlock screws with a cavity between the two screws which decreases in volume.

Used Air Compressors from SMB Machinery

SMB Machinery carries an extensive inventory of quality pre-owned industrial air compressors and air dryers capable of meeting the requirements of any application. Our current inventory of pre-owned air compressors includes air dryers, air receivers, air rotary screw compressors, and ammonia compressors from reputable brands like Vilter, Gardner-Denver, and Ingersoll Rand. Like all of our packaging and process equipment, SMB Machinery’s selection of air compressors and dryers are reliable, efficient and will meet the requirements of your manufacturing operation. Purchasing pre-owned air compressors from SMB Machinery is a time-saving, reliable, and economical investment.

Ingersoll Rand SSR-X-FE50 60 HP Air Compressor.  Rated Operating Pressure-100.  Max Discharge Pressure-150.  total Amps 153.  volts 230/460 3 Phase 60 HZ.  Control Voltage- 115.
ID: 17274 model#: SSR-XFE50
25HP rotary screw compressor capable of 98cfm at up to 125psi.  460V 35 amps power
ID: 17219 model#: SSR-EPE25SE
Atlas Copco ZR-4-50 Rotary Screw Compressor.  Max Pressure-8 Bars or 116 PSI.  Motor- 160 KW or approx 200 HP.
ID: 17214 model#: ZR 4-50
25 horsepower Rotary screw air compressor previously sparingly used in a small liquor bottling facility.
ID: 17192 model#: EBEQFH
35 cfm air dryer @ 100 psi, 60.1m3h @6.9 bar
ID: 16927 model#: CRN5A1
10 hp air compressor, 215-250 psi with 120 gallon tank.
ID: 16926 model#: CBSPLPKG
R-22 refrigerent.  14.1 FLA.  
ID: 16889 model#: 125HSEA100
Great backup compressor that came our running.  Quincy 100 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor.  Model RS490.  460 Volts 123 AMPS.Price $5,000 OBO
ID: 15525 model#: RS490
Great backup compressor that came our running.  Quincy 100 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor.  Model-QS1-350-W.  Allen Bradley 1336 Plus Starter Panel.  460 Volts 122 Amps.Price $6,000 OBO
ID: 15524 model#: QS1-350-W
125 hp rotary screw air compressor. 125 psi. 
ID: 12052 model#: WM125SSIIB