SMB Machinery Launches New User-Friendly Website

SMB Machinery has been rebuilding process and packaging equipment for more than two decades. Now the company’s web site has been given a total makeover that makes it more accessible and user-friendly, just like the machinery the company sells.

A leading one-stop source for pre-owned and new process equipment and packaging machinery, SMB also offers cutting edge technical support and field services. Their enormous 360,000 square foot facility in Metro-Atlanta accommodates everything and everyone from executives to the machinery they buy and sell. In addition to an engineering and electrical section, there is a shop floor that is used specifically for rebuilding and fabrication of pre-owned machines and equipment. There is also a dedicated paint shop and a warehouse that also stocks parts.

SMB Machinery offers a vast and varied range of process and packaging equipment including an enormous selection of stainless steel tanks suitable for storing water, dairy products, beverages, and food. The inventory is immense and always changing, which is one of the reasons the website needed updating. Customers are now able to identify and assess exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. And if they can’t find what they want a member of the professional SMB team will source it for them.

New SMB Website Offers Simplicity and Functionality

The new SMB Machinery website is sophisticated in a very simple way. It is jam-packed with information, but clean corporate colors and an interactive approach make it easy for anyone to navigate.

Starting on the home page you can access the company’s extensive used inventory as well as details of the new equipment they sell, that you can buy. If you have equipment or machinery you want to sell you’ll find that link there too. Furthermore, if you want to search the SMB inventory you can do this without going past the Home page. All you need to do is enter either the type of equipment you are looking for, the model number, or a manufacturer. You can also search:

  • Services and capabilities that identify what SMB offer. These include appraisal, automation, and equipment services, removal and rigging of equipment, the sale of new and pre-used equipment, as well as supply and sale of surplus parts.
  • Industries that SMB services that produce and/or package water, soft drinks, juice, beer, dairy products, a vast variety of other foodstuffs, all kinds of consumer products, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, and chemicals.
  • Affiliations SMB has with a number of associations including the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), the Equipment Appraiser Association of North America (EAANA), ISNetworld, ASA, and UL.

A full profile of SMB Machinery is also available on the new website.

Where to Find SMB Machinery

You will find full directions on the website including a map and telephone numbers for the different departments: equipment, controls, and parts. You can submit a standard Contact Us form that will be emailed to SMB or you can fill in a quotation application form requesting pricing and additional information about the items that interest you.

It doesn’t matter where in the world your company is based, SMB Machinery sources and sells equipment worldwide. What can we do to help you?