The Rising Trend of Low and Non-Alcoholic Beers

Across the country, beer drinkers are turning to healthier alternatives to their favorite drinks. Rather than reaching for high-alcohol content beverages, many are now choosing low and non-alcoholic beers. These beers come in a range of tasty flavors and come without the additional dangers of alcohol. In this latest post, we’ll explore the trend in non-alcoholic beers and explain what this means for the industry.

How the Trend has Evolved

It wasn’t that long ago that beer companies were trying to outdo one another in creating a high-alcohol content beer that also retained the great crisp taste of a fresh 5% alcohol option. But the new consumer of beer has a slightly different frame of mind. The need to prove your tolerance to alcohol has diminished over the generations. Now, a new segment of the population is searching for healthier, tastier options.

One of the key reasons behind the rising trend in non-alcoholic beers is the general population’s commitment to a healthier diet. We better understand how the food and drinks we consume influences our bodies and our mindsand the impact that alcohol can have on your body both in terms of general health consequences and on day-to-day activities.

Big Companies Now Following the Low-Alcohol Trend

Michelob Ultra is now one of the fastest-growing beer brands in America and it now offers a range of low-calorie, low-alcohol options designed to appeal to health-conscious beer drinkers. Many companies are also launching products that are “like a beer but not beer”. And this is one of the leading drivers behind the Radler trend. Stiegl Radler, which is imported into the U.S. by Louis Glunz Beer, Inc., is an example of these popular drinks. The product contains 2.4% alcohol and combines citrus juice and lager to appeal to those with a range of taste palettes.

How Growing Companies Can Capitalize on the Trend

With the value of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks rising across the industry, many are now considering how their company can build on this thriving trend. At SMB Machinery, we’re working with companies to help them investigate and integrate the latest equipment solution to ensure the right fit for their organization.

For example, we recently worked with Athletic Brewing, who purchased a pasteurizer to finish the production of their non-alcoholic beers. Athletic Brewing now produces some of the nation’s finest non-alcoholic craft IPAs, stouts, and lagers, and was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal video article.

SMB Machinery offers some of the finest equipment solutions to help brewers design and produce excellent brews for the no or low-alcohol beer drinkers. Contact us for information and guidance. We’re here to help.