Why It Pays to Buy Used Packaging Equipment from SMB Machinery

Not all production and manufacturing operations purchase new packaging equipment. In fact, a large percentage of businesses prefer to invest in previously owned machinery. Provided it is properly overhauled and upgraded, this option can cut costs dramatically and impact positively on the bottom line of your business.

The challenge is to find reliable used machinery especially when this is going to be utilized for packaging. Packaging doesn’t only protect goods while they are in transit but it also prevents damage once products have reached retailers and are on the shelves for sale. Additionally, it plays a very important role in terms of marketing and can spell the difference between success and failure when it comes to sales. It is also commonly used as the medium for displaying product information and directions for use. This in itself often prompts consumers to buy a product.

SMB Machinery stocks an enormous range of used packaging equipment suitable for use in just about every industry possible, dealing with everything from consumer products and food and beverage to pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, and chemicals. Whether you are looking for baggers and debaggers, cartoners, case packers and turners, filling equipment, labeling equipment, or palletizers, pallet dispensers, and pallet stretch wrappers, this is the place to look. Better still, because SMB sources reliable pre-owned equipment worldwide, if they don’t have the item required in their inventory they will usually be able to find it somewhere.

Quality of Used Packaging Equipment Matters

Lots of people buy pre-owned cars especially those that have been well maintained and regularly serviced. Similarly, lots of companies buy pre-owned packaging equipment. This, in turn, means that lots of dealers and brokers have secondhand packaging equipment for sale. Just as some secondhand car dealers are more reputable and reliable than others, so too are companies that deal in pre-owned packaging machinery and related equipment.

The SMB Machinery difference lies in the specialist facilities the company has on site as well as the vast knowledge and experience of the owners and staff. For more than two decades they have invested in what makes a business like this successful: cutting-edge facilities, superior staff, and the very best training possible.

With its headquarters in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia, SMB boasts a huge facility covering 360,000 square feet that incorporates offices, an equipment warehouse, parts room and shop, a controls electrical and engineering panel shop, as well as a section where mechanical rebuilds and fabrication of both packaging and process equipment is undertaken.

The entire operation is managed professionally by key people who have worked in companies that operate as industry leaders in various fields. Some previously had senior management roles while others were intimately involved in plant operations, maintenance, or logistics management.

The result is high-value equipment and machinery as well as exceptional service solutions. Most of the pre-used packaging equipment available is ready to go straight into production. A lot has been rebuilt and is supplied in a good-as-new condition.

You can decide what type of investment you want to make in packaging equipment, and the SMB team will help you stick to your budget. Whether you opt for new or pre-owned, you’ll get the warranties you would expect from a company that offers the best value and prides itself on delivering quality.

You’ll find an extensive inventory online. If you can’t find what you want, let us know. You’ll find it really does pay to buy used packaging equipment from SMB.