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Carbon Tower.  No Data Plate- Tank Dims are approx- 63" Straightwall X 77" Diameter.  Overall Tank Dims- 7' L X 7' W X 9'2" Tall.  3 Stainless Steel Legs
ID: 17338 model#:
150 Gallon Stainless Steel Storage Tank with Unibloc PD Pump.
ID: 17329 model#:
Flex conveyor, expandable to 12' long X 18" wide.
ID: 17312 model#:
Flex conveyor, expandable to 12' long X 18" wide
ID: 17311 model#:
Flex Conveyor expandable to 25' Long X 18" Wide.
ID: 17307 model#:
Flex Conveyor, expandable to 24' Length X 2' Wide.
ID: 17306 model#:
Felx Conveyor- expandable to 24' Length- 2' Wide
ID: 17305 model#:
Qty 2 BevAlert 8900 Gas Chromatograph with Baseline Mocon series 9000 Gas Analyzer iun washdown SS cabinet for beverage quality analysis designed by Analytical Science & Technologies inc.
ID: 17243 model#: BevAlert 8900
The skid has 125 Gallon agitated jacketed mix tanks with level and temperature indicators, an agitated jacketed hold tank with level and temperature indicators and a CIP tank. Mix and…
ID: 17190 model#:
Hot melt case sealer for RSC boxes with ITW Dynatec Dynamini glue unit.
ID: 17151 model#: SD-657S