Item ID Model#
HPE-NS (30-40 per minute) HPE-NS High Performance Case Erector Bottom Sealer with bundle stack hopper is designed for speed and a wide range of case sizes. Its heavy duty design…
ID: 15470 model#: S-HPE-NS/RH/DL
Directview 1000, Directlogic 06 Koyo. Operating temperature range: 40 deg F to 120 deg F. Electrical: 110V, 3Ph, 60Hz, 14 FLA.
ID: 12812 model#: HPA-SLD-T-RH-DL
Up to 30 cases per minute depending on case length. 2" tape head. Adjustable height. Electrical: 440 V/3 Ph/60 Hz/14 FLA. Dim's: 20' L X 7' W
ID: 11728 model#: HPE-M-RH C