Includes module for 20oz Coca-Cola CSD bottles. Stainless steel frame.  Allen-Bradley electricals. 
ID: 17241 model#: 2600
Stainless steel frame servo driven casepacker with laner at infeed, left hand electrical cabinet.  Air transfer system. Allen-Bradley Panelview 300, Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500, Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 CPU, Allen-Bradley Panelview 1000,…
ID: 16858 model#: 2800
Hartness Stainless Steel Drop Casepacker.  Aprox Production Rate: 30 Cpm Depending On Case And Product Container Application: Round & Non-round Containers Glass (Returnable & One-way) Pet (Prb And One-way) Or Cans Case…
ID: 15587 model#: 100
Stainless steel frame with Allen-Bradley SLC 5/02 CPU electrical controls.  Includes 20oz 4 wide x 3 deep x 2 case (double drop) grid.  Approx 3-1/16" diameter container.
ID: 15454 model#: 825
Twin Fanuc M-420iA robot system used to orientate 6 and 12 pack beverage products for packaging into 24pack cases.  Includes the Fanuc System R-30iA controllers and full guarding package.  System…
ID: 15412 model#: HV-BHS
Hartness servo soft drop case packer rated up to 40 cases per minute depending on case size and applications. Air consumption: 12-16 CFM @40 cases per minute. Product infeed chain…
ID: 12067 model#: 2900
Hartness Model 2600 Stainless Steel Continuous Motion Casepacker- Currently Set for 2 Liter PET Bottles.
ID: 17057 model#: 2600