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The global juice market has claimed a major share of the global beverage market, with fruit and vegetable juices taking the lead, particularly in the US, Europe and Japan. In fact industry forecasts and recent research reports indicate that the juice industry is the most competitive segment in the entire beverage industry worldwide.

Undeniably the increase in the demand for juices has been largely driven by an increase in consumer awareness regarding health and wellness in relation to beverages that form part of our daily diet. While some reports say there is also a rise in demand for carbonated soft drinks, largely from younger consumers, blends of fruit and vegetable juice have become increasingly popular especially those that do not include added sugar. Growth in the industry as a whole is set to rise beyond 2021.

Recent research continues to put orange juice at the top of the demand list, while other single fruit juices including apple, grape, pineapple, grapefruit and tomato follow closely behind. The juice from berries, including super foods like acai berries is also hugely popular, largely because of the high levels of antioxidants these fruits include.

The good news is that SMB stock top quality used equipment that will meet all your fruit juice production needs. We have a comprehensive selection of equipment as well as replacement parts, and we also offer technical support and field repair services.

We stock a wide variety of fruit juice bottling and related production equipment that will meet the needs of all brands. Our extensive inventory changes constantly, but always includes bottle preparation equipment, a variety of evaporators, storage and mixing tanks, pasteurizers, filtration systems, bottle filling equipment, belt presses, compact cooling units, enzyme inactivators, processing lines, and so much more.

SMB Machinery Used Processing and Packing Equipment for Juices

The fruit juice production and packing equipment we carry and service includes:

  • Bottle washers used to clean all bottles prior to filling to prevent contamination.
  • Fruit washers that are used to properly clean all fruit before it enters the production process.
  • Water treatment equipment that has been designed to make sure the water you use is properly filtered to meet required purity specifications.
  • Fruit juice extractors that separate the juice from the pulp.
  • Pulp collection tanks that collect and store fruit pulp that is added to the juice mix at a later time, or for later disposal, recycling, or some other use.
  • Concentration equipment that reduces extracted fruit juice to a concentrate for long-term storage.
  • Homogenizers that uniformly combine liquids to make consistent blends.
  • Pasteurizers that are programed to make sure all potentially harmful microorganisms in the fruit juice are killed. Microorganisms don’t just make juice taste bad they can also make people sick. A quality pasteurizer ensures this doesn’t happen.
  • Mixing tanks of various sizes, including large tanks for mixing concentrate, fruit pulp, water, flavor, color, preservatives and so on.
  • Holding tanks that are used for short- or long-term fruit juice storage. These may or may not be insulated or jacketed.
  • Automated bottle filling and capping equipment that has been designed to be operated by minimal personnel, and yet maintain top quality results.
  • Conveyor systems that will move your products from one process to the next reliably, safely, and efficiently.

We carry a full line of equipment that covers every step of the fruit juice production and packaging process. If you are not sure of whether we carry a particular product, just ask. If we can’t supply that item, we can certainly provide something that will work for your business.

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